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The best place to source consumables


Where is the best and most affordable place to source consumables in bulk, in Australia North QLD?

Thanks in advance

When you say consumables, are you asking about paper products, etc. or something along the lines of soaps and shampoos?

I mean shampoos soaps etc

I wait for specials when they come up at woollies or Coles. I bought 10 full sized bottles of body wash for $1 each. No one has stolen them so far and I just keep topping up from the remaining 9 bottles. Same with shampoo and conditioner. Organics was on sale for $1 a bottle. Hand wash was $1 a jar too at some stage.

Watching the sales and stocking up is one way. Do you have surplus stores over there? We have a few stores that deal in overstock from other retailers and you can regularly get travel size toiletries for 25c each.

If you’re willing to buy several hundred at a time, you can also get some excellent volume prices online.

I would like to check out one of these overstock places. I’ve never seen one in my part of Oz.

Thanks for the replies guys appreciate it

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