The Battle of Refunds

How can hosts take a stand against Airbnb policy where customer service representatives are making unreasonable decisions regarding cancellations and refunds in the guests favor?

Extenuating circumstances supersede the strict cancelation policy. Customer service representatives with Airbnb commonly embellish and dramatize any unreasonable guest complaints, using these “circumstances” to their advantage in order to support decisions made to meet the guests demands.

I am seeking helpful information that contributes in a positive way.

Policy reform is not possible without collective efforts.

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Leave the Airbnb platform. Make your own website, set your own policies, write your own contract.

Airbnb favors guests over hosts and that seems unlikely to change.


I feel like there are multiple open and current topics about this. Please search the forum before starting a new topic.

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I agree. This is more of a rant. No one is going to band together. Air is like the elephant in the yard. It’s going to sit where it wants to sit and the rest of us are just mice.