The Art of Towel Folding and Bed Making

Since I began hosting in June I wanted to come up with something special for guests. I searched online and decided to try folding towels like cruise ships do! I have gotten a lot of compliments soon after a guest arrives to see their bed! My biggest problem has been the lack of use! I usually find the folded art in the closet after they’ve gone! Recently, I began writing a note that these folded art towels are to be used! We shall see if that works! I enjoy making that a big part of my listing.
On another important note…bed making. I learned as a kid in camp that “hospital corners” are very important! That a coin should bounce off the top blanket!! I’ve incorporated all those years in camp making a proper bed, to my hosting! It makes a huge difference. Searching online for how 5-Star hotels make beds also helped!!


I’m not sure what this shape is but it’s hysterical!

Could you share links to good articles about how to make a 5-star proper bed?

A lot of my guests leave something like this behind , albeit wholly unintentionally,


Thanks! This particular one is a dog sitting with its paws folded upward! Generally I use YouTube for searching the “how-to’s“, Pinterest and the like for towel folding art.
For bed making I have known that “art” since camp days! We’d have inspection and having to remake a bed sure helped me understand how important “hospital corners” were at a very young age (ok age 8-11)! I’ve got nearly 50 years of making my bed daily to help with proper bed making! Ha!
I do iron the sheets and pillow cases as I put them on the bed, and I do turn down the sheet/blanket before placing the pillows. I also use a dollar store runner (based on the season) to give the end of the bed a little pizzaz! I not only want each of my guests to walk in with a “wow” factor but I want them to feel 5-Star comfort too!
I also have a welcome board and place each guests name on it, and a map of the US with pins for them to pin where they’re from and see every guest where they’ve come from.

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Ah! Bed making! I do like a nice, neat tight bed. And I applaud your towel creations,

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