The art of Airbnb hosting

I am studying for an MBA at Warwick University. My dissertation is on the subject of my experiences in running an Airbnb. My course got me thinking a lot about an academic approach to what Airbnb hosts are doing. I wrote this article.

It should only take 4 minutes to read.

I tried to make it a balance of evidence from the field and research from top universities.

I’d love to hear what do you guys think.

Go easy on me though!



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I am surprised you didnt mention Ruskin. Where is the financial analysis though, it seems very cultural. What about the race to the bottom?

If the point of this article is to simply point out why the Airbnb model works, and to give a bit of advice, you nailed it, and briefly. The only sentence I kind of took a bit of issue with was “These guys create value using an artisan” I would have said people, folks or artists. It could just be me. I find “guys” to be too masculine a term to be all encompassing. I frequently tell people that include me in “you guys” or call me “dude” that it is high time they learned to tell the difference LOL. But again, that could just be my quirk. Overall, I liked the article.


Point taken I will be adjusting this as soon as I get to my computer.


Haha I can see it is a philosophy piece. I think a follow up on the fiscal elements next! Cheers Paul

In Australia we have a gender non-specific term to refer to a collective of people: “youse” pronounced like “use” or “ewes”

:joy: :laughing: we use the same expression in a few states here in the US as well.

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Indeed it’s one of those terms which pretends to be inclusive but is not. (Although nowhere near as bad for women as todays identity politics). Whats wrong with people?

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