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The AirBnB guest from hell

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“Un-quantifiable douchiness.” Lol…

I’m kind of new to airbnb and this is the kind of story that really scares me.

I think I need to be really serious about how I screen guests and AirBnB does provide those tools.

But, even before I saw this release, there is no way I would have ever rented to any kind of major league sports player or rock star. These guys and gals are all drug addicts who play songs or run around in a sports arena for money.

We had a band stay one weekend while they were in town performing. That will NEVER happen again. An untold number of people came back with them after their performance. Their activities can only be estimated from the mess they left behind.

I just had a delightful group (a band) from Memphis stay. Really sweet people, one of the ladies was even pregnant, I felt good about them. (This was before my “$250 noise violation fine” that is now in place.)

The next morning I got a voicemail from my neighbor that they had been practicing at 10:30pm (this is a townhome). (Of course my phone didn’t ring, gar, so my neighbors were upset.) Live and learn - it was totally my fault for not seeing that coming but I had just been through a really good streak of quiet guests and was off my game.

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I once had Lady Gaga’s staff request to book my home for a month while they were in town for a video shoot. I immediately declined. My home is in a residential neighborhood, and I wouldn’t wish that on myself or my neighbors.

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