The additional fee when booking second room

We have a 1 bedroom apartment with the option of a sofa bed in the sitting room, we have the normal fee plus an additional fee when using the second bedroom. The issue we have is that when 2 singles book it automatically assumes they are a couple and only charges for one room and then we have to contact the client and explain that if using both beds there is an additional fee and they need to book as 3 people because of the extra work in setting up the room and the extra laundry with the extra bedding. This is quite awkward as there is no option to book as two singles requiring both rooms with the extra fee. Does anyone else have an answer to this issue ?

Are you in the US? It may seem awkward because it is not market to charge based on bed / linen use. I would charge based on guests if you want a sliding scale. You could always not list the sofa as a sleeping area and only allow 2 people at a time.

I can simply not make this make sense to me. Can you fix your typo?

What typo? ,20 char

You can make it so it charges after the first guest or just work out what the average 2nd bed use by singles is and up your room fees little - or - send a special offer.


Two people need to book as three people? I don’t think that will work. It may be a hassle to do laundry for two beds but that’s just a part of the business. You really can’t assume two people are a couple and will sleep in the same bed.

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Is it actually a room you lock off? I have a 2 br in-law apt but I prefer to rent it out as a 1 br apt. In my listing, it says “2nd br avail for additional $45/night, otherwise locked if not needed”. I instruct guests to mark 4 guests for the rate to adjust automatically, otherwise, I send them a revised quote.

Or are you charging additional $ for use of sofabed in a room that is already available?

They don’t need to book as three people.

Just write it into your listing that your two person price is based on two people sharing a room and that if two people want to use both the bedroom and the sofa bed, there will be an extra charge of XX.

That they should let you know and you can send them a special offer.


That’s exactly what we do with our two bedroom suite, so if two people want separate rooms or three people want both rooms, we state an extra charge of xxx in our house rules and elsewhere. Seems to work well so far.

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