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That's a no on both


We have a brand new caravan we have listed…

hi can you accommodate a cat? also do you have a vehicle for using to explore? thanks Brad

For $40 Aussie a night…nah mate, no freaking way on both.

Anyone ever had either of those asked (let alone together?


Lots of people ask to bring pets. Hell, lots of guests ask for a lot of things, but I agree that asking for the use of a vehicle, at least, is really over the top.


My place is near Melbourne. I get lots of dogs. No probs. Someone asked if they could bring their rabbit once. No probs. Would that be a problem with my cat? No idea, let’s find out, Never heard back.


Two couples coming from London together. The day before arrival, the lead guest (xxxx) asked to bring her cat. No; I have two aged cats of my own and they would not be happy. Four hours after check-in ended, I messaged to see where were they. My i-pad pinged immediately, with a dramatic message from xxxx; she was in hospital, but her friends had just arrived on the train, were getting into a taxi, and she would come down the next day. In the middle of messaging xxxx back, to say that her friends could not stay without her being present, my phone rang. It was her mate, but claiming to be xxxx. When I said you can’t be, she’s in hospital, she changed her name to a similar sounding yyyy. By now Mr Joan has taken responsibility for messaging xxxx, with me on the phone to yyyy, who therefore couldn’t communicate with each other to get their stories straight. On reflection, it was hilarious because they were so stupid, but we both separately told them, unpolitely, where to go and what to do.

We still sometimes wonder what they were up to. The Air CS was in stitches as he cancelled their booking for us.




The longer you host, the more bizarre requests you’ll get. As Barns implied, you could write a book…


I had someone ask for the use of a bicycle in my city. No siree imagine the liability. Anyway my city’s not flat like Holland I am sure she wouldn’t enjoy it. Strange thing to ask for. She didn’t book in the end.


Assuming their stay got cancelled, did you get to keep the money or lose it?


Yes, their trip was cancelled without quibble. I received the full amount, with the total support (amidst much amazed laughter) of Superhost CS. The one benefit of being a SH is that the quality of CS support is much better. I also find it’s really helpful, when calling CS with a problem, to have facts of the matter at fingertips and to cheer them up with said facts! I think their job is so boring, anything that’s recounted in a way that makes them laugh helps achieve a positive outcome.

Or maybe I just have such ridiculous situations, they can’t help it.

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