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That Moment When Your Guest Checks Into the Wrong Property!

Hahahaha! That was a good story, I had a good laugh. Something similar happened to me but with a car I rented and I had to head back to the renting place when I was 3km on my way to my destination hahahaha. :joy: :joy:

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I would never have thought something like this could happen but hey . … … .

Thanks for sharing.

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Currently dealing with a booking from the US.
Supposed to check in on Friday
Didn’t respond to messages.
Didn’t respond to CS rep.
Now bleating for a refund….
So checking in to the WRONG country! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::flushed::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


Of course you’ll be waiting there to do the tour and after she doesn’t show up marking it as a no show…

Money for old atlases…




Update…3rd party booking.
Daughter on behalf of mother and 6 friends.
Daughter not seeing messages.
The situation finally dawned when the mother googles the address to find it was 12000 miles away…………
We have negotiated a small fee and I promised her credit if she ever gets here.
I didn’t believe this could happen….now I do!


That’s the height of inattention. I’ve heard of guests accidentally booking in the wrong US state because the city name was the same, like Portland, Maine instead of Portland, Oregon, but booking a place 12,000 miles away in the wrong country is hilarious.


I drove a semi truck for CR England company for 4 years. Drove all over continental USA plus Canada. Got a load assignment over the truck’s Qualcomm computer to pick up a load in Mt Vernon, IN. Didn’t pay close enough attention and went to Mt Vernon IL. One freaking letter difference. I didn’t realize what was up until I messaged the dispatcher complaining about the directions being so bad I couldn’t locate the shipper. :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:

It’s unbelievable how many town/cities in the US have the same name. Salem, Mt Vernon, and Hot Springs are a few of the more popular ones. Give me towns with names like Toad Suck, Arkansas or Truth or Consequences, New Mexico every time so I have a fighting chance of not getting confused!


Funny their original name was Hot Springs. You probably heard the story that they changed their name as part of a radio game show contest. The town that changed their name to the name of the game show won a visit and a show airing from their town.

Yes, I’ve been to Truth or Consequences and knew they used to be called Hot Springs. I loved the springs there!

I love hot springs and have toyed with the idea of visiting all the towns in the US with the name of Hot Springs, or maybe even all the towns with “springs” in the name.

I’ve got a pretty good head start. I’ve been to Hot Springs, Arkansas, Hot Springs, Virginia, and, if you want to count Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (formerly Hot Springs, NM), that’s three. There are 12 towns named Hot Springs in the US, I think. I’ll be visiting Hot Springs, South Dakota next month.


How fun! Don’t forget Hot Springs, TX in Big Bend National Park. You could stay with @KKC on the way there. And I recommend Desert Hot Springs, CA.


When I worked at the Johns Hopkins Medical School, I was hired to take over a job when my predecessor was fired for booking her VERY famous, very dignified boss (surgeon and professor at JHMI) to Rochester, NY instead of Rochester, MN, where he was traveling to accept a big award at the Mayo Clinic. He was the quintessential absent-minded professor, checked the tickets and saw Rochester, just barely made his flight so didn’t carefully check what was on the board at the gate. . . he said he was editing his speech when he looked out the window after a much shorter flight than he expected and saw the Finger Lakes below as they landed. You can imagine the call he made when he got off the plane. Unfortunately for the poor research assistant who booked the flights, she LAUGHED when he told her what had happened. He somehow made it just in time to give his speech and get his award, but it was epically awful and of course needlessly stressful. He was amazing to work with, and the only law he ever laid down with me was that I was to triple check all travel arrangements and provide them to him way ahead of time so he could confirm all was well.

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