Thankyou for the Forum

creating a new topic, as I can’t find any existing one just to say ‘thank you’ for hosting an invaluable source of hard-won learning and savvy. I log on at least once a week to catch up with all the suggestions and ideas.
Unfortunately, none of them can do anything to resolve our fundamental problem; a complete lack of AirB&B guest visitors. The Philippines maintains full strict Covid quarantine regulations to this day, still effectively closing its borders to any visitors or guests, except in special circumstances. There’s nothing any of us can do about it, except just wait, and wait, then wait some more…


Hey, I haven’t hosted my home share listing in a year. There’s tons of tourists, that’s not restricted here in Mexico, but it should be- COVID is rampant and almost no one has been vaccinated. So not only do I not want to take a risk with my own health, I don’t want to be encouraging people to travel here by providing accommodation.

But I do really miss hosting- I realized I even enjoy cleaning and turning the room over and making it inviting.

I also keep active in the forums. Not only are they entertaining and informative, Airbnb is always changing and adding features, not to mention coming up with a new tech glitch every week, so I want to keep up to speed for when I do open again.


Here in Mindanao, Philipines, it’s much the same. Hardly any guest visitors for more than 12 months now. We have redecorated and smartened up our rooms - but with no guest visitors, there’s not much point or purpose to our activity


In my case, it’s actually had some purpose- I have had a job from an upholstery client for 6 huge mosquito nets, which are a lot of work. The only place in my house which is large enough to lay out the fabric to measure and cut it, with a smooth, rather than tiled floor, is my bedroom. So I moved into my guest room, pushed all the furniture to one side of my bedroom and have been working on the nets there.

And when I’m done with that, I need to do some work in the dome in my bedroom ceiling, which leaked last rainy season. So not having guests has actually been practical, even though I didn’t plan it that way. And I almost never have guests from May- October anyway, it’s just too hot and humid for tourists to want to come here.

Mindanao is permanently too hot and steamy for most tourists.

I just love it, though maybe not for everyone!

All our guest rooms are now sparkling shiny white with fresh paint all around.

Still no guests though.

Luckily I receive a monthly old age pension from the UK, so we can survive indefinitely without guest visitors.

Just miss the craic though…

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What bought you to the Philippines @Jonathan_Spector. Did you buy a retirement home out there?

Could you offer your place for longer term rentals?

My home is my home, wherever in the world I reside. My lovely wife brought me back to Philippines many years ago, after we had tried earning our living for too many years in gloomy cold miserable Birmingham UK.
We have a big house here, 5 bedrooms, each with a private bathroom, all around a full-size swimming pool. Its way too large for my wife and I, unless we can rent out a spare room or two, or three, for guest visitors.
With Covid regulations and restrictions, we have had almost no paying guest visitors at all for the past 12 months. Maybe, one day, sometime in the future, thing might change…

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I live in a community that’s 20% Tlingit and about 12% Filipino where pancit and chicken adobo are regular fare at lunch buffets.

They first started coming to Alaska to work in the canneries over 100 years ago. My Filipino friends keep telling me I need to go visit their cousins in Cebu and find a wife! :wink:

You should take their advice - Pinays are the sweetest!