Thanks for the reminder

I just got a reminder from Airbnb that 5 star ratings often come from guests who hosts check in on! So they recommended I check in with one of my present guests to see how he’s doing. This came to me a moment after I served him breakfast, talked about his day yesterday and said goodbye to him as he left for work.


Better the reminder for everyone. If it doesn’t apply to you, no big deal…

Those of us who actually interact with our guests know the drill; new hosts will hopefully learn a lesson, and remote hosts will still lose that host-guest rapport.

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I normally give lots of communication beforehand, but then leave my guests to enjoy their stay without interruption after their arrival, although I do make a BIG point of asking them to contact me with ANY questions they might have while they are there.

However, I find it interesting that guests rate hosts higher when they actually check in on them. I will start implementing that and see how it goes. Thanks for mentioning this (I’ve never received a nudge from Air about this).

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I think they send reminders based on your previous review.

Do you know if you got a less than 5 star rating on the last review?

We have a place in HI that we remotely host. A few guests ago there was an issue with the housekeeper. She showed up after check-out to clean for the next guests and the current guests hadn’t left yet. They were still hanging around on the couch. Apparently, the guests were peeved when the housekeeper told them check-out is 11am. They told her to come back later and she told them she could not. So, they started packing up and left.

They had left us 5 stars for everything, left a great review and wrote on the guestbook. They even took a photo of themselves in front of our mural and posted it to Instagram. BUT they gave us 3 stars for cleanliness.

We believe this was vindication for the housekeeper showing up and making them leave.

Later that week we got a reminder from Airbnb about how to clean your place with a step by step guide! Out of 116 reviews, this was our first 3 star!

In the reminder was a bit of a threat of suspension from Airbnb if this continues.

A little overkill for one 3 star review.

We tried contacting the guests to see how we could better clean our place but they never responded.

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Yes, I got a 4-star review from guests who are hosts in their own place. I messaged them asking how we missed the mark for 5 stars, and it was one of those cases where they said they thought 5 stars were reserved for exceptional experiences. They reiterated that they had a great time, loved our place and wanted to return.

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Ugh! They should know that each star is 20%.

Well, that’s probably why you got the reminder.

I guess some guests really want to see hosts go above and beyond. I do check in with guests typically after the first day and make sure they know I’m available for any questions/issues. Besides having detailed instructions for everything and making sure my condos are in tip top shape (clean, necessary supplies, etc.) I don’t do much else. Some guests also want to be left alone, I know I do lol

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