Thank you! Thank you to this forum!

Today I got my new The Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress and 2 pillows! I set it up already and tomorrow, for sure, my Canadian guests will be happy with the comfort. And no more complaining about hard futon!
And very big thank you to konacoconutz!


Our mattress was slept on for the first time last night :slight_smile:


So you like the mattress then? :slight_smile:
I have to admit, I’m not really pleased with the Tuft and Needle I got, and I feel horrible about that.

Yes, do report, @Marina, on their feedback. I do not personally like the Tuft and Needle, and not one guest has said anything about it. When I ask about how they slept they say fine. In contrast, when I ask the people who slept on the old fashioned inner-spring I purchased last November they rave.

I’m trying to decide if I should proceed with this Nest offer.

It is hot here today, you know :), you are not far away from me. I was very hot when I got that mattress delivered. I just put it, set everything and even did not try to lay down on it. There is no comparison with futon mattress. I already updated my listing.
I was waiting for a delivery truck, when I saw it, I just approached to it’s back door and was waiting when a delivery man will open a door and give to me my mattress. Instead, I heard: “F… F…F…F… I HATE MY JOB!”. After that truck’s door opened and a driver understood that I heard him and said to me: “Sorry, that you heard me, I really hate my job”.
But ok, I got my mattress.


The Tuft and Needle is okay, I might like it better in winter. I’ve switched out mattresses between rooms three times now. The Nest bedding seems nicer it’s about 2" thicker too. It also retails for about twice as much so it should be better. I’ve only had two guests sleep on it but both said it was very comfortable and one said she took a picture of the information on the card. I have not tried out the Nest mattress overnight but I think I’m going to get a chance tonight or tomorrow, if my dogs will let me.


I’ve flopped on it when making the bed and to test it out and it’s lovely. I think some night coming up I may have to sleep on it.

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I haven’t set up mine. What is it that you don’t like about it?

Too firm for me, yet at the same time, I don’t like that sometimes when I am sitting right on the edge, it doesn’t feel very secure, like I could slide right off.

Firm like my futon? :slight_smile:

Not sure, I was never on your futon :wink:

I was thinking that all futons are the same :slight_smile:

Nope. Not at all. They can range from intolerable even to sit on to extremely comfortable and I could sleep in one for a week. The mattress material, density, thickness, and “wrapping” material all matter. Of course, the cheap ones feel like they are cheap; but not all of the expensive ones feels expensive.

You are welcome, and I hope you love your new Alexandra! I just made mine up for incoming guests. It’s sooooo comfortable!!! It’s definitely an upgrade!

This forum has been awesome, not only do we get some great opportunities for free products, we make some good friends!

As for the Tuft, I’m afraid I’m also underwhelmed. I was so grateful to them for sending them out and also feel bad I didn’t like it better. It cannot compare to the Nest products.

Oh yes, we first had the TN mattress upstairs in our room to try it out. I did fall right off the side. It’s to soft for me - I don’t prefer it.

But mainly, for me, it’s that no guests have said anything abut it. Like @Marina, I replaced a futon with it and thought it a serious upgrade.

It does look nicer, right @Marina? And easier to make the bed because it’s not so low to the ground - and just looks more ‘done’ when it’s made.

So I’m thankful for the T&N, just not happy. But to do through the hassle of changing it out for the Nest…Is it worth it?

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YES… Way worth it! Like trading a Chevy for a Beamer. Well maybe a Mini Cooper. :slight_smile:

I was disappointed in the TN because it basically just felt like a block of foam. We still have one. Just not going to use it in the guest suite.

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So you like the Nest better? I still have my old traditional mattress that I can put back on the bed, so the Tuft/Needle may get donated till I can afford something else.

Oh Gosh, good to know it’s not all in my mind! I thought maybe it was happening to me because I’m so short, but it’s sounding like maybe that’s not the problem!

K9. Didn’t you say the same thing? That you fell off the side?

You won’t have that with the Nest. It is a much better quality product. Even though it doesn’t have inner springs. Not sure about the hybrid. I have the firm with an additional topper. It feels just great. I wanted the firm because of the possibility that foam would eventually sag.


I said I feel like I’m going to fall off the side, or at least that’s what I meant to say…I kinda catch myself with my tiptoes on the floor to prevent it, not an unusual thing for me though as I’m a very short person :slight_smile:

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