Text Scam....attempting to get your account info?

I received a text today and goes as follows… "Dear customer, You have received a review for your property. Please log on to read it: and then a link asking for your username and password. I did just have a guest depart, but I did not fill in my info, instead I went to my desktop to see if I had any messages from Airbnb. No messages and showed no recent reviews.
I called Airbnb and they have no record of the text coming from them, he stated that mine was the 3rd call this morning regarding the same issue.
Just a heads up.



Air will NEVER text you – they will invariably email you.

Thanx for the heads up!

I never text anyone – guests, friends, relatives. Just not worth the hassle. If you want to communicate with me, send me a valid email or pick up the darn phone and SPEAK to me! If you can’t be bothered, then I can’t be bothered to respond.