Text jingle is back!

I just heard the old Airbnb text jingle! I’ve missed it and am so glad they brought it back.


The sound of money (almost)

Well, our “work” phone has a very distinctive notification sound for new bookings (via our CM), and having observed my smug smile when it goes off, the waiter in our local bar has christened it the ching ching sound. He’s not wrong.


A friend’s Chinese daughter-in-law told me that translates to “penis penis”. :eggplant:

I must trust her. I don’t know Chinese.


Hehe, isn’t language brilliant.

I just told this to Ma, the mother of E, who owns a bar in our plaza. They’re from Shanghai and as far as she’s concerned, ching ching means money in the till.

I swithered about mentioning penises, but decided against it. For a variety of reasons!

Maybe another day :rofl:


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She may have also…

Nurses (like me) at some point will talk about every body part and/or body function matter of factly, even when we don’t want to. I try not to tell strangers that I’m a nurse. I’ve grown weary of men I’ve just met, telling all about their most recent colonoscopy and/or prostate.

So, did I tell you…

… nah, I’ll just get me coat.



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Yīnjīng does sound a lot like ching ching to these Western ears, to Chinese years maybe not so much.

So it’s yinjing for :eggplant:! Now I can say Ching Ching in public!!! Learn something new every day.

My friend’s DIL was chiding us for saying Ching Ching when we tapped wine glasses. Again. I don’t speak Chinese so I just had to go with it.

So…when Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer THAT is when he chose to ask me about physical details. When diagnosed with angina, he didn’t want to talk to me about it.

I thought, “put on your nurse cap, be a nurse, use your training”.


They think it’s foreplay?

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That was a rather unexpected, yet entertaining read.

Sadly, things are slow right now. So, no “Ching Ching” or “YinJing” or “Bling bling” or “Jingle Jangle”, etc for me at the moment! :joy:

No comment on “ :eggplant::flushed: :sweat_smile:


Well this thread went where I wouldn’t have ever expected. :rofl:

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