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Terrible star ratings!


Just had 2 dreadful reviews in terms of stars, first ones for a long time.
First one was clearly ignorant, and made comments like brilliant then gave 3 stars (like a 3 star hotel?), didn’t like the cat in the kitchen so gave 1 star just for that for cleanliness! (First one for ages, since accepting the cat is in the house rules and guests are asked NOT to book if the cat might be a problem for them in any way.) Airbnb CS said it’s totally obvious they didn’t understand the star system at all, but could do nothing under current regulations.
Second one was guest who booked without thinking or reading. She picked my listing in the north of the city, when she wanted the west. Even though my listing is perfectly clear about where it is (even in the title!), she dinged me on location, accuracy and check in for her mistake! Also she failed to read the check in window,(until 10pm) and punished me for the fact she expected it to be fine to rock up at 11pm or worse without checking with the host. (She’s a host by the way!) CS again said it was obvious she was blaming me for her mistakes (‘not near my event’, ‘wrong address’ etc.) and being muddle headed but again could do nothing. Thank god I gave her a thumbs down.
So all CS could offer was for me to put in a suggestion about star ratings and taking down reviews and stars. All they can do at the moment is take down verbal reviews in certain circumstances, but they cannot remove stars from guests, even if it’s obvious they don’t understand or are lying or breaking rules or ignoring information in the listing as evidenced by threads or comments.
I may lose SH because of these two reviews next time. I think we really need to complain about the review system.


Ahh, I feel for you. Complaining does nothing. They don’t hear us. The review system is the biggest thorn in my side since the beginning of Air. I stress over them, like we all do.

If it makes you feel any better, some Canadian SH were just here being nice to my face and ripped me to absolute tatters in the review. Compared me to how they do business. I gave her a thumbs up and five stars. Ugh. One can only hope the chrome extension takes her down. Horrible woman.


Remember it will only show up for Canadian guests on the first page.


Yes. It’s buried. Thank goodness.


The words on the public review are not so bad (there’s nothing bad to say!), it’s the stars. The host reviewer did advise other guests to check on a map where they want to go! Hello, that’s advice you should be giving yourself! Hardly anyone else has a problem. Shame I think it casts aspersions on my perfectly good location.


I like the way they say: “under current regulations” like it is the law or something. I guess we’ll just have to appeal to SCOTUS or the Privy Council.

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