Terrible guests, next actions?


First time poster here. Have been using the Airbnb platform as a host for almost 4 years now, off an on, and everything was great until this weekend. We had 4 guests in at the weekend and when my partner arrived back on Sunday an hour after the checkout time, the front door was wide open. She went up the stairs and the 4 guests were all drunkenly sprawled around the living room. The main guest, a certain Dean from Dublin, asked her “who the f**k” she was, and my partner, obviously very shaken at this point, told them they had to leave immediately (which they did about 5 minutes later). This is a list of some of the things we found:

Large painting missing/stolen from the hallway.

Copious amounts of alcohol bottles/cans etc strewn around the living room.

Cigarettes smoked inside the house and butts/packets left all over the garden and outside the front of the house.

Curtain rails nearly pulled off the wall.

Vomit on the carpet at the side of both beds, in the sink and bath.

Evidence of drug use (there was powder on my keys and on some DVDs)

I have logged this report with Airbnb and I am waiting for my rage to simmer down before I leave a review. Although I presume the man in question will most likely delete his account. I just wonder if there are any other avenues for complaint that I could use or if anyone has had the unfortunate experience of dealing with something similar, what actions did they take that they could share?


You should immediately report the theft to the police and insist that Airbnb provide the guests details to police.

This is disgusting. Do you have photos of everything? Are there photos of your painting in the listing to provide police and can you get confirmation from yput modt recent guest it was there during their stay and home was in perfect order?

So sorry you have to deal with this. What scum


Everything meticulously documented with photos is your first step. Also file a police report as Emily says, I’d ask about the missing painting in the airbnb thread on the off chance you can get them to admit they took it or damaged it.

Keep reciepts of everything you buy to clean or repair. You have to submit all this before the next guest checks in and I’d assume you have some time as these fellows were removed early, right? Then of course eviscerate them in the review.


I agree with all of the above and would add - read through the threads on this forum on the timing and content of your review. It is really important to do it right both for your possible damage claims and to help ward off a negative review.

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I would do a police report. Not only for the stolen item but also for the use of illegal drugs. In addition, they’re driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

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I missed the part of the post that said they were driving.

She indicated that the guests left five minutes later. I assumed they drove. Perhaps not.

I’m assuming the review will start something like ‘if it was possible to give zero stars…’