Terms of Service Update (Sept 2017)?

Hi, I have just received a booking for tonight, click on the email and bang - Terms of Service Update. Same on the website. Not allowed to proceed unless I accept. Apparently brought in on 1st September. It is 10pm on 3rd September.
a) Why did they not email to advise us the terms were changing so we could take a good look, rather than foisting it on us with no warning. Really don’t feel up to going through them all at this time of night.
b) Any feedback on these new Terms of Service? What do others think?

The poor guy who tried to book tonight (really too late anyway at 10pm on the actual night!) is not going to get an answer until tomorrow as I really do not have the energy to get this sorted tonight.

Anyone else in a similar situation?

Here is an overview of the new Terms of Service. As there’s not anything controversial I understand why Airbnb didn’t think they needed to tell us in advance.


Noblehua, I am in a similar position, I have clicked on ‘agree’ and then nothing happens and I can’t proceed to the Airbnb site. I have phoned them and the CS rep (who seemed pretty clueless) said they have had calls from others with a similar problem and they will look into it and to send them a screen shot. My app is working ok but I much prefer to use the laptop so this is annoying.

I got the same message, but I thought that everyone did. I admit ny first reaction was tl;dr but did glance through them and didn’t at first sight see anything controversial, as Ellen mentioned.

Maybe some nice person could summarise the changes for those of us who are somewhere on the Attention Deficit spectrum?

Ah, just saw that Ellen did that!

Yeah I couldn’t decipher the new terms either, though it did say something about them update the Host Guarantee policy.

We received the email yesterday, September 3rd, obviously too late to review the 34 page document. I am not happy that we’re being forced to agree or won’t have access to the account. The other thing that makes me unhappy is that we are being forced into agreeing to “arbitration” and do not have the right to file a “class action” against Airbnb. We’ve been through the arbitration process and it is totally geared for the defendant and you need an attorney.

Oh, and I forget to mention that in our community Airbnb DOES NOT collect the city sales tax or the room occupancy for a total of 12% of the rental per day. If we can’t collect taxes and they aren’t going to do it, it comes out of our pocket.

Class Actions have always been banned, taxes you include in your price of collect separately.

Not always. At some point Airbnb added it. I’ve read discussions on the net that the Arbitration thing is becoming increasingly popular with corporations, because it makes it much harder to sue them.

That was a lazy comment by me, no doubt in the early days before they could afford expensive lawyers things were different.