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Temperature in Shared Space

Hey all,

I’ve hosted about 20 guests and had a new complaint. Almost all my guests are 21-40 crowd but just had a guest check out today that’s about 75. She was always so specifically cold or hot in my place and outside in general. I’m in Chicago and had a hot weekend. She turned up the AC to 76 at night and my house was so hot. At what point, do you take back control of your heater/AC? In my case, I just turned it down to 73 to make it bearable. She had a variety of little complaints that she told me, but I doubt she will leave a review as she can barely use a computer.

Can you just close the vent to that room?

Sadly not an option for me.

What sort of setup do you have?

Central AC/Heat but there’s not a spot to open/close individual vents. Digital controlled.

Can you post a photo of the point at which air exits the wall?

It’s one guest, I’ve even had friends mess with my thermostat! That’s why offices don’t respond to temperature issues, it’s one size fits all. Half will be too hot and half will be too cold, I taught college and that was always the case. The thermostat was not accessible in the classroom.

My rule of thumb is to assume that one or two guests complaining about something are the exception, not the rule. If three people ask for something and it’s within reason and our budget we make the change.

As you’ve only had one guest who was uncomfortable with the temperature, I wouldn’t worry about it. If you have more guests who want to be warmer than you do, you can get a space heater for the guest room.


“Up to 76” ??? We live in Florida and never even turn our AC lower than 78.

I’d be complaining about being cold if you were lower than 76 too, so would my partner who is 12 years younger than me!! And I’m only 68! Frankly, keeping your temperatures that low is a real waste of energy/money, IMHO.

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I’m with you Ken and I’m 51. I have all my a/c’s (split systems) set to 25C (that’s about 78F in the “old scale”:smirk: Perfect temp.

I post in my ad that the AC on the lower level is 77 degrees in the summer, but they are free to adjust it upstairs thermostat where their room is located.

Everyone is used to the temperature where they live. I’m in Los Angeles, CA on the Westside where it’s cooler. If the temperature gets up to 78 degrees, I complain nonstop. 72 degrees is ideal for me.

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If she can barely use a computer…how did she go through the verification and booking process?

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