Tell us your story- Airbnb learning study


My name is Katherine, and I am a Research Assistant from the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. We are looking to recruit participants to be interviewed for our study. The purpose of this study is to understand how Airbnb hosts learn to become masters of their trade, and identify the methods that were to used to develop confidence as hospitality and tourism professionals. This research is being done independently, and is in no way affiliated with Airbnb or any other third party organization.

It is our goal to interview 40 Airbnb hosts over the next couple months, so that we can complete the research by the end of June 2017. By interviewing a collection of Airbnb hosts such as yourselves, we hope to develop new practical and theoretical insight as to how hosts within the homestay network develop skills, and how they differ from traditional hospitality training. To participate, you need to have a minimum of 1 year of experience as an Airbnb host

If you agree to volunteer, you will be asked to participate in a one on one phone call interview with a researcher at a time convenient for you, and will last approximately 15-20 minutes. Your participation is completely voluntary, and if you choose to not participate it will not impact your relations with the researcher, or Ryerson University. Upon completion of the research project, a summary of findings will be provided to you via email if you wish to receive them.

If you are interested, please feel free to respond through email to

Thank you!

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How much are you paying people for their time?

It says clearly: your participation is completely voluntary.

I know :slight_smile: