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"Tell the host what they could do better" (in a Review)


We also got an extender when we noticed that many guests enjoy using their devices in the back yard. The extender has proved to be well worth the cost.


Same here, beats constantly moving the router.


There is a fantastic ant gel, which the ants devour and take back to the Queen. It has a small nozzle, so it can be applied discreetly, in places little kids can’t reach. It really does the trick. Ants disappear for weeks at a time. Yes, they will return, you never get “rid” of ants, you just control them. It’s a professional-use product called Advion Ant Gel available from Amazon. The moment I see a new trail of ants, I apply it, they circle it and carry it off. Ants are gone within a few hours, long before guests arrive.


I agree that the way it is phrased tends to invite negatives. It doesn’t speak with pride. You are unlikely to hear this kind of talk, say, with a highly ranked corporation. Air weeds out the less than 4 stars quickly enough.

“Can this host make your stay even better!”


this is what twitter has done to us :wink:

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