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Teenage feet help


Thanks to allergies and a touch of whatever’s going around, I’ve had no sense of smell for almost a month.

Well, I went to the Dr and Yay, I can smell again.

Except that’s rebooted my nose, and all the smells I’d tuned out are fresh and pungent.

And oh my, the porch (where sneakers get left behind) does not smell good.

I aired it out last night while the weather was mild, but I also thought I’d check with you all. Besides getting the kids new shoes (or new feet) what do people do/use? (I’ve got some cans of febreeze I think I’ll try. I avoid chemicals but this may be a situation that requires a little toxicity.)

… Keeping it real (stinky) in NYC…


I hate the smell of febreeze. Try sprinkling baking SODA (thanks sandy toes) in the shoes at night and dump it out the next morning. Many sneakers can be washed, or at least take out the bottom insert and wash it. Oxy clean is good for removing smells.


I think you use baking soda - not powder, unless you want to inflate your shoes. (ha!)

Put baking soda in a coffee filter or sock and insert it into the shoe. Keep it in overnight and remove it in the morning.


Of course I meant soda, lol. And given your forum moniker I’m wondering if this is an area of expertise for you. :wink:


LOL, LOL! One would think so but actually no. I’ve never been of the damp-feet ilk. Mine are always dry and fresh-smelling…depending on what I have stepped in, of course.


My teenage bedroom was next to my adolescent brothers, and yikes - was the feet smell rank!! Baking soda did indeed help, and that Dr. Scholl’s foot powder helped as well, but the best was bunches of dried lavender my mom would shove in my brother’s shoes and left them out on the deck. You just cannot keep stinky shoes in an enclosed porch. Lil’ bro is married with two college aged boys, so payback as they say, is a Mother********.


excellent! Finally a use for the orphan socks in my orphan sock drawer…


Put them in a bag in the freezer for a day or two. This will kill the bacteria that is potentially growing.


The best thing I have found for any kind of odorous feet, skin irritation, fungus infection on nails or skin is a doterra essential oil called ‘on guard’. It’s very expensive but lasts for ages. You can also take a drop under the tongue each day or a couple of you are sick. For feet, put one drop on each foot st night and rub in with a carrier oil. It’s really a ‘miracle’ product.


High tech (and pricey) solution- air purifier. Some air purifiers go for up to $600. We just picked up this one after exhaustive research for $136. I see the price has gone up already. It’s not just for odors but “cleans” the air in an entire 350 sq.ft. room.;

Low tech (and cheap) cedar clocks about $13 for 8


I used to have stinky feet :blush: and the solution is to rotate between at least three pairs of sneakers. Always let the sneakers air out for at least 48 hours before you wear them again.

It’s also a good excuse to buy yet another pair :wink:

I also put my sneakers (unless they’re a collector model) in the washer to keep them fresh and bright and most pairs will take 4 or 5 washing cycles very well. You can wash most of the Adidas primeknits/Nike flyknits almost indefinitely.


Ha! It reminds me of the time I went on the channel ferry over to France with my son and my 2 nephews. We had a cabin so we could try and get some sleep, but couldn’t because of the truly appalling smell of sewage. I complained bitterly to staff on board about how intolerable and disgusting the smell was. They were very apologetic but couldn’t find anything awry with their systems. It wasn’t until hours later that I realised that the smell was coming from my nephew’s trainers!


Three boys - their feet grow fast. I have to buy new shoes for each at least every 9 months.

I’ll buy spares when they’ve got jobs. (Which my eldest assures me will be next summer.)


Frequent changes of cotton socks is required. Consider an in wash laundry sanitiser to kill the fungus and bacteria. In the UK we have Dettol laundry sanitiser which goes in the rinse cycle, or Halo is a detergent which even kills MRSA on medical staff uniforms. Otherwise tea tree, lemon or grapefruit essential oil in the rinse cycle.

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