Technology for arriving guests

Holy moly, I think I love this. But not sure what “Works with Airbnb Host Assist to automatically generate guest codes.” means.

Has anyone tried these witchy gadgets?

yes, the LockState entry system, integrated with airbnb. Faultless…

I just checked and Air does not have hosting apps available to me in my area… but I can still just text the code to guests. Waiting to here about their subscription packages and all that good stuff :slight_smile:

We just installed a KEVO lock on our home door to test, with the hope that we could roll it out to our properties. It’s supposed to recognize our phones, and unlock the door as we get two feet away. Well, it works sometimes to LOCK the door as we leave, before the door is even closed. So if the door is ajar, and we walk by, it trips the dead bolt mechanism. So we have to manually turn the deadbolt back. Then when we actually close the door and WANT to lock it, it does nothing.

I love using technology and I’m always excited to try new products, but they are usually pretty buggy for the first few years. We’ll have to try and figure out how to iron out the glitches with the KEVO lock, and then I’m going to try and figure out why the audio is failing on my Ring doorbel…

So apparently the host assist apps are not available in the UK :frowning:

Hello Kerensa,

The host assist apps are available in the UK. We have lots of hosts that have integrated their airbnb account with their Lockstate Remotelock. You should have a tab on your airbnb account.

Kind regards,

Stuart - smartlock

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Hi Stuart, i have messaged Air and they said “Hi Kerensa, Host Assist is currently available in select areas only. If the option isn’t appearing in your dashboard, it’s likely because it simply is not yet on offer in your local area.”

So apparently it is not available in my area of the UK. No sign of when it will be, but I assume I can still use your locks :slight_smile:

Hi Kerensa,

Thanks, I am surprised, I did not think that airbnb enabled HostAssist on a regional basis. Maybe the the community can confirm which counties are not available?

Yes you can still create codes manually with the Remotelock or Resortlock.

Kind regards, Stuart - smartlock

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