Technical issue automatically charged my cancellation policy

Hi all, has anyone experienced Airbnb changing your cancellation policy without your consent?

I only noticed this recently when a booking went way below what I would normally charge.
I always have strict on, but they’d moved the policy to the strict nonrefundable rate.
I contacted Airbnb and they admitted it was a known technical issue. They asked me to send them all all reservations it had affected. Originally I thought the issue only had affected one recent week of bookings, but I decided to check previous ones and realised it goes way back to September 22.

Airbnb has now backtracked stating that I had the strict nonrefundable policy on. Which I did not. Ever!

I’ve asked them to escalate my case to management. I’m not happy.

Please let me know if it’s happened to you. I would say a lot of hosts may not even be aware, especially when they change pricing all the time.

Thank you

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Hi Sun, this hasn’t happened to me, but thanks for the heads up, I went to go check my policy just to make sure my settings were what I expected them to be.

I’m not surprised this happened to you – many people here have reported here that Airbnb sometimes makes changes to settings and I’ve experienced it myself in a way that was really unpleasant and really soured me on Airbnb. The only thing that surprises me about your account is that one of the customer service reps admitted that it was a known technical issue!