Taxes in Greece

Hello from Greece everyone. I’m not sure if there is an answer in the forum for my question. Maybe noone will be able to help me cause I need specific details for my country. But if anyone knows something about this stuff please contact me.

There may be a host on here able to help but google is also a fantastic resource or you can call your tax office directly.

I have the same question.
I am from Serbia (close to Greece) and had an idea to buy apartment in Greece for renting only.

It seems so far airbnb renting was out of tax system totally, and now they want to change that:

(because I am a new user, I can’t put a link in the post, but there is a news about that, this is the headline - Greece to tax short-term rentals via Airbnb with 15%-45%, and the platform with 5% per transaction , you can google it)

Any of the Greek host can say something more about this? Did you register your airbnb property somewhere, how much do you have to pay, and all that…