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Taxes in austin...WTF!


Hi guys! How many ATX folks we got in here? I’m getting conflicting info so I wanted to check with you all who have more experience with this than I.
I just learned…i think anyways…that ABB doesn’t remit City of Austin occupancy tax…but only for the state. Does this sound right to you guys? So, I now have to go back and add up all the fees ABB has taken from each booking, add it to my total payouts, then pay 9%. That is what the city told me…ABB told me they remit payment. But I think ABB is confused between CITY and STATE taxes…?? Thank you!


Front end Airbnb customer service has only the foggiest notion of what taxes they remit. I wouldn’t put much stock in what they tell you. The two times I’ve had tax questions the front end rep has passed it on to the Tax & Legal team (I think that’s what it was called) and then I never hear back from them again. (At least 6 months waiting since my last question) So good luck getting an answer!

You’re probably better off checking the math: You can check your transaction history, then hit the “gross earnings” tab. This will have a column on the right showing what tax amount they collected/remitted. See if that amount aligns with the State tax only or if it was enough to cover State & city taxes.


and those 2 combined is 15%, right? At least I think that is what the COA lady told me


What is COA?

20 20 20


stands for City of Austin


If Austin requires a city hotel tax. And Texas requires a state hotel tax, it should be easy to calculate how much that is. Go to any hotel website and pretend to book a room. Before you actually book, those taxes will be detailed. Then compare that to what AirBNB has been taking from your payouts/charging your guests.


Good tip, thanks. It is 15% so, No, ABB doesn’t pay the COA. You have to calc that yourself, being sure to add back in ANY fees ABB charges. This is turning out to not be a lucrative side hustle really…will have to do a little more math once I figure it all out.


Just wait until someone trashes your place and Airbnb doesn’t help you! lol

Seriously though, there’s a lot to consider.


oh man!! do you do whole house? we are just doing rooms so I’m home mostly…


No I do a room in my home. And I’m in El Paso and there is no city tax here…yet.

But mostly I was teasing. Airbnb can be very rewarding but taxes are never fun.


What did Airbnb say about your pricing glitch @sdh ?


I didn’t pursue it. Chalked it up as learning mistake and went through the calendar and changed prices accordingly.

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