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Tax Question Canada


I am a host but I do not own the properties that I run Airbnbs in. I sign leases with the landlords I work with and pay rent as a regular tenant (they are all fully aware that I am doing Airbnb).

I have called the CRA multiple times and have gotten conflicting information about whether I should file this Airbnb income as self-employed business income (T2125) or as rental income (T776). When filing as rental income, I have to provide the address and complete a T776 for each property. The landlords/owners of the properties would be filing rental income for the same addresses.

The categories for expenses you can claim are a bit more restrictive for rental income (ie. no place to claim business as home office). Does anyone have experience with filing as an airbnb host in Canada without owning the properties?


It’s probably worth getting an accountant on board to help advise you on this @lisserboomer to help you understand what might work best for you.

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