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I am desperately trying to seek information on what I need to do to keep it all legal. I contacted airbnb and they wouldn’t help as simply provide a forum to advertise, contacted accountant but unfamiliar with this type of letting and couldn’t really help as not residential letting, contacted the council to register as a landlord to be told I do not need to be registered as a landlord as its short term. Has anyone out there got any advice on what I need to do to keep it legal? Any hints/tips would be appreciated and if you could also advise would bills like council tax/electricity/tv license be deemed as expenses?

Thanks in advance



You shouldn’t be using AirBnB if you don’t flat out own the title to your own property, or else have not consulted with your landlord if you rent. It’s just plain illegal.


I do own the home. When i say letting I mean letting to the guest.


In that case, what country are you in? I see some others have posted on this topic in Australia, some in Canada, some in the USA. Should mention that in creating a topic to see what other hosts in your area have done =D.


If you are unsure at first you can always collect the same that the hotels do in terms of tax and hang on to it until you find out exactly what’s expected. Impossible for us to really help you as it sounds like you not in the States?


on this issue, the following post covers a bunch of advice about Airbnb-related taxes and expenses that hosts encounter regularly. I hope it answers your questions & helps you enjoy your time hosting! https://www.guesty.com/blog/how-to-manage-airbnb-finances-5-steps/


Check out the AirBnb community group: Taxation Issues for Hosts, group #3020. Post your questions there.


Hi if you are in England.

This list is not exhaustive and does not incur any liability or responsibility on me to any host or any one which read this message and follows up on any of this information. Your hosting provisions are your responsibility entirely. You must check and clarify all things mentioned here are correct and up to date yourself for your property, hosting listing or any other business provision.

This is what I have done in my home.

I checked out landlords responsibilities on the hse website.

I also have the following safety requirements:
Gas eg
Annual service of gas appliances and safety certificates.

Fixed wiring certificates 5 yearly.
Pat test annually.

Fire safety
Fire alarms extinguishers etc for advice for this contact your local fire authority they may come and have a look for free. I keep records of weekly fire alarm tests etc.

I have a Hotel licence, ring tv licencing they are actually quite helpful.

If you prepare food, you need to register with the FSA (food standards agency) you can do this online through your local government website. You need to abide by all food legislation for this.

I have insured my home correctly and also have public liability insurance.

I have risk assessment for
Machinery in the home that they use eg washing machine.

Slip’s, trips and falls.
Use of hair dryer and chemicals around the home ,among others.

This is not all of the health and safety things I do.

Bed and breakfastfast associations and other landlord websites are a good start for advice.

I only rent a room out in my own home to a max of 2 guests for 28 days at a time.
I see out professional advice and testing where required.

I also have an accountant. To do my books but you could do the rent a room scheme possibly.

There are extra costs but do feel it is worth it. After all safety wise I live in this home to.
Hope this helps.

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