Tax & Invoice of Split Payment

Hey all,
I would greatly appreciate assistance on this matter:

I am working with several apt owners, and I manage for them the properties.

When using split payment, I am receiving my percentage through Airbnb, but doing the service for the owner.

How do I issue the invoice in that case? Do I issue the invoice to Airbnb? In this case, is VAT needed anyway? Should there be any reference to the owners, or since I am not receiving the money from them - it is not needed?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @rozasaf

This is a forum of hosts to discuss host related issues.

Why would you invoice Airbnb you aren’t providing them with a service?

I would imagine you would want to invoice your individual owners. VAT would be needed if your income dictates this.

Why not ask your accountant if you are unsure about these issues.

Hi Helsi,

My accountant unfortunately is not that sure about these matters, nor any other accountant i have been talking to about this.
It is a host related issue as I am hosting the guests, and just want to see what are other co-hosts doing in a similar case.
So I am aiming to hear from someone who has the answers and is working this way.


Hello @rozasaf

Just to clarify in this situation - are you the host as you say in your second post or are you a company/service providing a management support service for the host as this is a completely different dynamic.

If you are a co-host providing a commercial service to hosts as I said in my earlier post if I was in your situation I would issue an invoice to your clients for the service provided. Depending on your arrangement they pay you directly or via Airbnb.

I am surprised your accountant wouldn’t know this, as it is not Airbnb specific, but what any business providing a service would do.

In terms of VAT you will need to ask your accountant as it will depend on the country you are based in, your turnover etc.

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@rozasaf Is your question about how you should be entering the details your income and expenses in your accounting records? Or are you looking for advice about the standard practices of co-hosts requesting payment for your services?

A co host works for is contracted to the Host.

AirBnB have a system that allows a Host to share part of the proceeds directly with the co host but that is a convenience to the Host.

Hi Nina, in the records, or more specifically - in the invoices i issue after getting a payment directly from Airbnb, which was routed to both me & owner.

Thanks for the clarification, @rozasaf. Without seeing an actual transaction detail, I can only give you my best guess about how to track things.

My guess is that you actually need to create an invoice and a bill. The invoice would be for the total amount that your host is paying you (the host is listed as the customer) and the bill would be for the airbnb charges related to facilitating the co-hosting (airbnb will be the vendor). When your receive notice from airbnb that your payment has been sent, mark the invoice payment as received and deposited into your Undeposited Funds Account. Also mark the bill as being paid from the Undeposited Funds Account. Once the payment has cleared your bank account, you’ll need to do a manual transfer and move the total payment (invoice minus bill) from the Undeposited Funds Account to the bank account where airbnb sent your payment.

Please feel free to send me a private message if you’d like to talk about your question in more detail.

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Hi, I just came across your questions and I am in the same situation so I was wondering whether you have found a solution to it as neither the Accountants I have spoken to locally have any idea on what to do.

Thanks so much!