Tattoo Artist requests to work out of my home

A tattoo artist reaches out today requesting to rent my basement apartment to perform 2 day tattoo session inside of my home. My initial thoughts: 1. Does homeowners cover that? 2. Ink and home damage 3. Appropriate reasons to decline this reservation 4. Does Airbnb have a policy on this.

I am curious to know your thoughts either pro or con in this situation or similar experiences and related outcomes.

Nope, disposal of the medical waste and bodily fluids is first. Second - this is a commercial enterprise, check your insurance!


Great addition. Bodily fluids and sharps. I declined the reservation. I gave the reason my insurance would not cover me for liabilities in this scenario, and we are not interested in this type of rental. I flagged the account as well. My intent is to protect other hosts. I am concerned the next attempt to rent, that information may not be shared.


Homeowners’ insurance never covers anything to do with Airbnb or other short-term (or long-term) rentals. Nothing.

Appropriate reason to decline the reservation? “I’m not comfortable with this reservation."

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