Taking safety measures

Agreed that we take a guest only after having verified their identities but still don’t you guys feel the need of having an extra security when there are guests. I have a personal security app installed in my phone because I travel a lot as a part of my job. So I haven’t added any other security measures at my home. How about you guys? Do you have security measures not just for your home and guests but for your personal safety?

We live in bear & mountain lion country so we have bear spray and air horns strategically placed around the house (never in our separate guest areas).

We have security cams around the property that sends the footage off-site.

We have a monitored alarm system from SimpliSafe (a DIY system you stick up without wiring), and it has a panic button we could press in an emergency. I also keep pepper spray on my keychain.

I’m not that paranoid, and we’re never not on-site.

I don’t feel the need for extra security when there are guests here. I do have some security measures in place, A Ring camera doorbell, pepper spray, dogs but not because I do airbnb. I also have a shotgun on the premises but not for security purposes.

I thank my stars I live In a country where I can leave my front door unlocked and don’t need security cameras. When I lived in Miami, I came home from a night shift to find my front door broken into and a few things stolen. felt bad for neighbour policeman whose handgun was taken from his bedside table while he was asleep in the bed.

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It seems that most of you live in dangerous places. Not me! I live in New York City! In a good neighborhood, which is to say almost every neighborhood in the city with a couple of exceptions. From here the view to the rural and suburban areas seems to be that of random burglary, rapes and mad serial killers (and killers shooting up suburban schools). We have locks on our front door! We take subways and buses everywhere! We’ve lived here for nearly sixty years and have yet to witness or be the victim of any crime except occasional restaurant bill errors. The broken car windows of twenty years ago (guys looking for radios or cash) have been gone for decades. Come to NYC!

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I use Simplisafe Security and silent monitor areas they are not supposed to be in. I tell them that opening locked doors which are monitored is grounds for immediate removal from the premises with no refund. I go on to state they will be given 30 minutes to leave before the codes are changes and the system reset. Which means the police will come if they are still in the home. Simplisafe does have cameras now and a panic button. I am never there when guests are there.