Taken AirBnB to arbitration? Any experience and advice

I had an absolute nightmare of a hosting experience, like many of you have as well. However, in this case, the nightmare was 100% avoidable. AirBnB’s negligence kept a chronically problematic guest on the platform and able to rent (see my previous post for details if you’re interested). We are dealing with their insurance company now and getting the run around, of course. We are considering taking AirBnB to arbitration in the event that the insurance claim doesn’t cover our damage, not to mention it’s been a month now and we can’t rent because we are waiting for money to make the repairs.
If you’ve taken AirBnB to arbitration, please tell me your story! If you made mistakes, allow me to learn from them.
Thank you!

Sue the guests, Air is a booking platform they did not trash your house.


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There was a post on I believe Reddit where a host went to arbitration, won his or her case, and AirBNB ignored the arbitration decision.

Yes, sue the guest and AirBNB both is my advice. Sue the guest for the full amount of damages – go to your Small Claims court if that will cover the damages, and go into District/Circuit court if the damages exceed the Small Claims limit.

Sue AirBNB as well for negligence and be certain to attack head-on Section 17 of the ToS (“we’re not responsible for anything ever”) as in violation of your state’s consumer protection laws, because of your unequal bargaining power, the noxiousness of the terms, and because innkeepers are exempt from such language.