Take a look at these houserules

Take a look at these houserules.

This agency seems to get away with it…

137 listings. 0 reviews.

Once you send them a message, I am pretty sure that they can give you a discount if you contact them by email, and then ask you to transfer the money to confirm the reservation.

Then, a guest cries.

Interchalet is a big one, they already existed long before AirBnB came on the market.

They probably just use AirBnB as a platform to list, and then lead the guests outside.
Or the guests goes straight on the Interchalet website after finding the listing on AirBnB.


I find it strange that AirBnB is allowing these practises, and if a small host does this, they get punished and thrown of AirBnB.

I know :slight_smile: But there is no evidence of the link between Lena and Interchalet.

As a matter of fact, I am having a similar issue with one user, introducing himself as a “XYZ Manager”, XYZ being an established vacation rental company. Once there is an interaction with a guest, he offers a 10% discount if contacted by email, to an email @xyz.email. The xyz.email redirects to xyz.com.

Here is the thing: xyz.email is not owned by XYZ, and has no link at all with XYZ: any guy can by a domain name with a different extension. However, the guest is convinced to deal with a XYZ representative, who is asking the guest to pay by wire transfer.

In that case however, no scam artist in their right mind would dive into so much legalese, and the property and rates matches with the ones on the website, so I am pretty such this is the real deal…

Well aside from this :

Business details is surely a new thing on Airbnb listings I don’t remember seeing it before. Since that’s a VAT number I’d say there’s a link :slight_smile:

Well this seems proof that AirBnB is moving away from being a home rental site, and making room for businesses to use the platform.

Interesting thing is that Interchalet is allowed to use their own terms and conditions, and probably avoiding AirBnB cancelation policies.


You may cancel your booking at any time prior to the start of the holiday. The date your cancellation instruction is received by INTER CHALET shall be the decisive date. It is in your own interest to notify cancellations in writing.

If you withdraw from the contract, we will invoice you the following cancellation charges:

  • up to 7 days before the start of the rental period: 50 % of the rental
  • from 6 days before the start of the rental period: 100 % of the rental

If the property is not occupied, or occupied late, the invoice amount is nevertheless payable in full.

Should INTER CHALET manage to find another tenant for the same period and at the same conditions, only 10% of the total price will be charged irrespective of the cancellation date.

The cancellation procedure will differ from the provisions stipulated above, if you make use of your right to provide a replacement tenant. This, however, is conditional on INTER CHALET as the tour operator being given firm notice well in advance of the departure date, so that the necessary alternative arrangements can be made. It is also conditional on the replacement tenants satisfying the special conditions applicable to the holiday and not contravening any legal requirements or official regulations. When the change of name is confirmed by the tour operator, the new participant will assume the rights and obligations of the contract. For each such procedure a charge of Euro 20 will be made to cover the costs incurred by INTER CHALET in making the change. This does not affect your right as a consumer to proof no or notably minor loss.

Cancellation due to force majeure

In any event of cancellation due to force majeure we would like to refer to � 651j (German Civil Code): (1) Both the tour operator and the tenant are entitled to cancel the contract solely under the provisions of the present � 651j in consequence of unforeseeable complication, danger or annoyance to the journey. (2) In the event of the cancellation due to subparagraph 1, the provisions of � 651e subparagraph 3 clause 1 and 2, subparagraph 4 clause 1 will apply. The parties will share extra expenses for the backhaul equally. Otherwise, extra expenses will fall to the debit of the tenant.

Cancellation by the Tour Operator

INTER CHALET can cancel the holiday contract before the arrival date or terminate the contract after the arrival date, without further notice if, despite being cautioned, a tenant persists in disrupting holiday arrangements, behaving in a way likely to cause danger to others or otherwise failing to comply with the terms of the contract. In this case, the travel price will be declared forfeit.

Well, if businesses use the platform then it might be good for us little guys as they’ll never put up with some of the pricing some of us have had to do.

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Remember how AirBnB is pushing for all financial transactions to go through the AirBnB platform?

Local service charges € 15 per person and week/short term stay (depending on occupancy) plus Holiday resort tax. Linen/towels Linen/towels available. Key deposit € 80 (in cash). Toddler bed € 16 per week/short term stay (on request). Pet not allowed.

So you book this place for €74 per night, and outside AirBnB you have to pay €15 pppn.

I found another one:

I am now twittering AirBnB, to see if I can also make my own rules and send the guest a separate contract.
Of course enforcing these rules is a lot easier for these big companies.

But allowing to have my own brand name in my profile would already help to direct guests to my own homepage.

I am now under the impression that AirBnB did not remove host pictures because of racism, but to hide that almost 50% of the listings come from a few agents on the market.

All these new listings came on to AirBnB in November.

Omg lol i dont have time to read it all