System wide outage

I had guests arrive & alert me via my Ring doorbell camera that they can’t access the Check In Guide. Went to look - nothing on the App comes up, no Calendar, no messages, nothing. Same with the desktop website - Error code 505. Guest is reporting the same on their end. Co-host is reporting the same on his app & computer. Anyone else experiencing this? I’m in Miami, guests from Atlanta.

Yes, for me neither the website nor the app has worked in the past half hour +.

I just came on to post the same thing… I have guests trying to book. One has already requested a week where I know I blocked the calendar, I told them it was not available and now he sees the dates came up and has sent another request to book?

I did just join Twitter this week and have started following @AirBnB
will see how that works for updates…

Yes, site is down. Getting both 500 and 503 errors. Desktop version, I don’t use the app. Must be system-wide, I’m in Mexico. Jeez, this just happened a few weeks ago. Unbelievable. They need to fire their entire tech dept. and hire competent people.

Yes it is not working at all. Cant log in and when I called I’m on hold still for a long time.

And in Australia…

Yup… mostly down in Los Angeles. I may have had a little luck sending a message on the iphone app, but had to keep it short, if I wrote more than a very short message it went away. Can’t get to details, or see calendar.

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I guess I get tonight off. :wink:

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The site was down yesterday evening too. I don’t know how long for because I just gave up and didn’t try again. I’m going to say that it was at about 8 pm. EST. Not sure, of course.

South Florida - although it seems that location isn’t an issue.

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The app is not down and since I probably get over half my bookings via the app I will still have to stay alert.

I managed to send out one message and to take note of the phone numbers of the guests arriving tomorrow.

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More South Florida. Didn’t have any problem at 10PM EST last Wednesday night.

Website is back up for me now (US, 1:14 MST) and functioning normally.

Been hunky dory in good old España, no issues.


Yes, here in Boston it was down for a while too. Frustrating because I needed some info but luckily I always download the reservation as a pdf to a folder and found it there.