System problems: Now a request to book day between

The listings are set for a day between stays, and I just got a request to book tonight when my guests have just checked out. As much as I’d like the money, I’m not ready to turn the room around today, so I’m stuck in Customer Disservice Hold Hell trying to get an admin cancel.


Now into my 4th hour on hold with Air this week. The poor Filipino schlubs answering the phones aren’t able to do anything but give polite nothingness.

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Well after a few minutes on hold a nice Guatemalan guy comes on, tells me that it allowed the request because the departing guest was in the linked listing, not this one. So linking doesn’t work as it is apparently supposed to.

I guess I’ll just have to manually block the day after every damned checkout, although I’m sure the system will still try to book blocked days. I’m still in support limbo for that booking for a year from now.

This wouldn’t be happening if Air had a real software design and maintenance team, but their system appears to be put together like some of the old COBOL programs I used to rewrite, spaghetti code full of GOTOs. I’m willing to bet that they have no design documentation, and from the looks of it, no database schema. Garbage in = garbage out.

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Send a message to the person that sent the request to book. Explain that there’s a glitch in the system and that it was suppose to block 24 hrs between guests. Ask them to remove the request or change the dates. It’s easier to deal directly with the potential guest than to deal with Airbnb customer service.


Actually, once I was able to talk to the correct person, he said that since I don’t allow same day booking he would cancel it, and did.

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