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Syncing My Smart Home

I’m looking to find a way to help people work with my smart home appliances during their airbnb stay? Any solutions, what works for you? Also, with your current solution, what frustrates you the most I want the best of the best for my guests.

I’m in the process of setting up Home Assistant for security and controlling lighting, but only in my part of the house, not the B&B upstairs. For the B&B, I believe in the KISS principle, Keep It Simple Stupid. I will not be letting guests have access to smart home functions. I will be putting thermal sensors in all 3 b&b rooms, so that I can monitor how guests use energy (I’m going to install heat pumps and mini-split units in each room that guests can control, but I may be able to override their settings, not sure yet).

I wouldn’t let guests have access to smart home function except maybe for thermostats.


What kind of smart appliances are you talking about?

Personally, I think the Smart things are best in the background. My smart home devices relate to safety of the property (cameras, lights, door sensors) or comfort (temp sensors, smart thermostat) and don’t need guest interaction.

Like NordlingHouse says, KISS. Giving them an app or screen to fuss with is one more thing to break, cause confusion, or complain about.

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