Syncing my Airbnb calendar with my Mac calendar

It used to sync seamlessly and now it isn’t working at all. Please, can anyone tell me how to get my Airbnb calendar synced with my Mac calendar? Airbnb and Apple reps have both come up with no solution for me.Thank you in advance!

I’m sorry I don’t have any suggestions for you, but I checked my iCal and it is still syncing properly with Airbnb. I assume Apple had you delete the calendar and resubscribe? I hope you get it resolved soon!

Actually they had no suggestions for me at all. Airbnb wasn’t able to help me either; they said to call Apple. Does your Airbnb calendar sync with your mac automatically each time you get a booking? This is a dumb question, I’m sure, but do you know how you “subscribed” in the first place? Thanks so much!

Sigh! Figured it out. Just in case anyone else is needing this help: Go to Airbnb “Availability” and select "Export Calendar.’ Copy and then paste the link into your Mac’s calendar found under “File” and then “New Calendar Subscription,” The calendar should then populate with all your bookings and update automatically as you get new bookings.


Give these a whirl—the second one may be more helpful to you:

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ETA—Guess we were posting at the same time. So glad you got it sorted!