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Sync AIR and VRBO calendars to Google calendar


I’ve been banging my head trying to use Google calendar as my master. I have done the following:

– Setup Airbnb to synch with VRBO and it works perfectly BUT…Each system only shows details of its own reservations.

–I tried exporting Airbnb to Google but AIRBNB provides a URL but Google does not accept a URL

– I have tried looking at several Youtube videos

I need to provide a full detailed list of guests to our cleaning lady.

Does anyone have detailed information or link to explain how to “automatically” create one master reservation list.


Great idea. I use Google sheets also but I manually enter basic information. I’ve looked at the properly app. Has anyone used that? Thoughts?


I don’t know that it can be done. We managed to link Airbnb’s calendar with Google calendar but it doesn’t update as you get new bookings. I gave up on it.


SURE it does! This is the key to the process. And it does update, and work.

Google Help: Add someone else’s Google calendar


I sync my calendars to Google. I use Google as my master calendar. The key is layers. I have posted my instructions here before.


This is the previous thread. It still works for me, but I will admit it is not as visually clean as it once was because Airbnb is including my blocked dates in the iCal feed and marking them NOT AVAILABLE. I would prefer they not do that.

Remember, this is my weekend home and I use it frequently so it started out just blocking out my own dates and then feeding my calendar TO Airbnb, then bringing a different feed BACK.

GREEN - The master calendar. My cleaner can see that layer and that layer is what my rental website uses. This layer is fed TO Airbnb and HomeAway.

ORANGE - From HomeAway/VRBO.

PINK - From Airbnb. When Air’s feed TO my calendar shows up in PINK. I copy it to my Green layer so my cleaner can see it. When I see PINK and no GREEN I know my cleaner does not know about the dates. I also make notes on the Green events for her like “get pack-n-play from garage.”


I was thinking of something else. We tried syncing Airbnb calendar to Google calendar and then to Amazon Echo device. We got it to sync but Echo did not update when new listings came in.


Great. I will study your method. Thanks for your input.


Thanks! This has inspired me to retry to sync it with Amazon Echo. I retried and I think it worked! Now I can ask Alexa what’s on my calendar and she tells me my reservations. Hope it updates this time when I get another booking.


It’s not working for me. I got everything to sync and all 4 of my listing’s reservations show up on my google calendar. It also worked with the Amazon Echo dot. Then I got a new reservation and now, over 12 hours later, it still is not showing up on my google calendar or echo. I don’t know if there’s a certain setting I need to use or if it’s the platform. I’m using a desktop PC with Windows 10. It’s not a big deal though for me to just use the Airbnb calendar directly.


There can sometimes be an annoying lag - and other times lightening fast - but you can try Availability > Sync Calendars and click on the manual sync icon.


I don’t use VRBO just Airbnb. Thanks though!


@Mike_L I wasn’t implying that you do. This is a screenshot from Airbnb. You’re syncing the Google calendar, the second one.


Sorry I thought that was from VRBO. That is helpful because mine doesn’t look like that. Google calendar is not showing up for some reason. Is yours on your phone?


No, this is the desktop.

Remember, I am taking a Google Calendar iCal feed TO Airbnb (the green layer) and one FROM Airbnb into Google (the pink layer). The one you would see on Airbnb website is the iCal sync FROM Google. I block out my dates on my Google calendar - both my use and direct bookings and the iCal feed FROM Google blocks the dates on Airbnb’s calendar from being open. I then take a feed FROM Airbnb and import into my Google Calendar and that feeds all the details from Airbnb into Google.


Apparently we aren’t the only ones having trouble with this. No solution presented;


I’ve been syncing my calendars this way for years. It works for me.


Okay. Now I understand and will try. Thanks

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