switching back from renter to host.

last month have been unable to switch back to my host page from travel page.
have seen multiple post from other Airbnb host not able to switch back to their host page.
have reached out to Airbnb support with no success / response.
any recommendations would be highly appreciated.

Hi @gachry

I haven’t heard of this technical glitch. I have just doubled checked mine and I switched from traveller to host and back without an issue.

What did Airbnb suggest when you called them? Are you saying they haven’t responded at all?

I’m afraid if it’s a technical problem there isn’t anything we can suggest as hosts.

Personally I have found contacting them on social media can speed up their response.

No problem switching here in Florida.

We can’t help with tech glitches – we’re not part of AirBnb.

How did you “reach out”?? Customer Service phone call? Twitter? Facebook?