Sustainable/Eco friendly hosting

Hi guys! I’ve been a host for a few years now, and try to make my place as sustainable as possible. I’m amazed at how much the sustainable/eco friendly world has grown in the last 5-10 years, and there are many great new brands out there. Everything from mattresses, bathroom products, to coffee/tea, etc (basically anything you can think of), it’s really great. My guests always appreciate the eco products I offer as well. Just looking to expand my knowledge of how to provide a more sustainable place. Are any of you interested in making your listings sustainable with products? just looking to connect with others who are, and any tips, or any new brands/products that are out there.

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If you are here to sell products we aren’t receptive. This post sounds like you want to sell us something.


To me, it sounds squishy, somewhat like a gelatinous rounded block chemically cured pork remnants, quivering as it’s released from the tin.


We have slowly moved to more sustainable products particularly away from excess packaging, but will be taking a step backward when we re-open post-COVID. Guests want seem to want safe COVID practices more than evidence of sustainable practices these days.

If you want to be truly sustainable. Grow your own food. Have chickens for eggs and cows for milk, butter and cheese. Raise sheep for milk and wool.

Cut trees down from your forest to make furniture.

Buy local. Create handmade shampoo, washing and cleaning products and candles.

Recycle everything. Have a compost bin for food waste.

Buy everything packaging free.

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Ha! It happens that this week we are doing just that. Chain-sawing the fallen pine tree we dragged out of our woods into chairs for our listing’s campfire space. Fingers crossed that guests don’t decide the chairs are firewood!
Okay, I do make my own candles (we have bees) and cleaning products. I do recycle. I do have a garden and a huge composter.
What I don’t do is try

or offer tips that sellers (who will try to make you believe that you can make “your listings sustainable with products”) will use in their blog.


We use sustainable products from a company called Plaine Products. Not sure it helps us rent though!

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