Suspicious guests questions

I’ve got some guests staying with me. They seem normal and all eg young middle class couple in 20”s. But they asked questions tonight in casual conversation and more than once about what my schedule is like and what time will my girlfriend be out tommorow as I work from home. The fact that they asked more than once in like the space of 5 minutes concerned me. I would never ask a host of what time they will be in and out of there own home. Looks can be deciving and they are middle class(so it seems) judging by there dress sense and phones and good looking young healthy handsome man/attractive young woman couple. They are a twenty day booking, not long-term and travelling a bit, but yeah the line of questioning about me and my partners movements in my own home made me uncomfortable. We talked for about 20 more minutes over a late night dinner eg 10.30pm as they been out all day sightseeing(so they claimed). But going forward they are booked in for 15 more days… Has anyone else had guests asking strange questions about your whereabouts Eg when you be home and your schedule when it’s none of there business. But yeah these questions by my current guests have raised a few “alarm bells” and “red flags”…

Maybe they wanted to know so they could have some ‘personal time’ together without worrying about being overheard :slight_smile:

You do sound a little paranoid to be honest …

If you were concerned about their questions I presume you asked them why they wanted to know…what did they say?


Hi Steve, I’m sure as you’re there, you can judge better than us how ‘dodgy’ they appear to be! Get some selfies done with them, and maybe double check their Airb references, passport, Facebook. Have they got previous reviews? Are your valuables locked up?

You might just be paranoid, but no harm in being on your guard


I can’t believe you are still hosting. Incredible.

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Oh…Steve. Isn’t it obvious your guests think you are hot, hot, hot??

All of your guests want you. The men are always jealous of you and how much money you make. Why are you asking this question? Your guests want a threesome. Sigh…



Threesome was my first thought!

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