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Survey on online trust

My name is David and I am studying international business and marketing at the University of Kristianstad, Sweden. I am currently writing my bachelor thesis about building trust for people that you have never met in real life on platforms like Airbnb. With a focus on how host decide if the can trust an individual enough to let them rent.
I would really appreciate if you would take the time to do this online questionnaire to help me out!
Link: https://www.webbenkater.com/s/f1bdfee
Thank you!

What sort of insights have you gained thus far?

All done - would be great to hear your outcomes

I think a very important part that’s missing in your poll is more clarification of exactly what is being rented. For instance, wh0le house, room in a house sharing common spaces?

@brook2adks - very good point. Our rental is a separate apartment and that is so very different to hosting people in your own home.

Oh, yeah, it’s completely different! If I had a duplex or mother in law apt type of situation, some of my answers would have been different.

I hope the OP takes this into account. Because we have a separate apartment (but I can see it from my own) my responses to the survey will probably be very different to those hosts who are accepting guests into their own home. I don’t think I could ever do that!

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