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Survey of what Airbnb could do better


Hello, hosts!
Sorry to intrude (as I am not a host), but we are putting together a survey on what Airbnb does well and what it could do better, and, naturally, we want all of your opinions!

The survey can be found here (google forms) and takes 5 minutes max to complete. I should note that we are not representatives of Airbnb or a competitor - we are students looking to better understand the Airbnb experience.

Thanks very much for your time,



Alternatively, would any regular hosts have 10 minute for a skype / phone / facetime interview on the hosting (or guesting) experience?




If your looking for the crabby host end of things, contact me.


You’re not a host. Why do you need to know?


For me my biggest concerns with AirBnB is the tax management/laws stuff. I’m assuming 40% of tax for now, but in fact I have no idea.
So if they could handle tax deductions, IRS, local tax, local registration it would be great.

I have fixed the key mangement problem with a full keyless system. Also, I would like to have a service for the room preparation (cleaning, making the bed) on demand and at a very cheap cost.

Sometimes I have guest for 1 night with a price of $50 so if I consider 40% tax, it means $30 for the rent, electricity, dealing with message and cleaning… So obviously having 25$ cleaning service would make the business useless


Another blooming company trying to find a way to market to hosts. Don’t lie about your survey and pretend it’s for a study on what airbnb could do better, when you are purely trying to find a business plan to sell to hosts. Every question was aimed at whether we needed to be sold laundry services, bikes, in-room dining, and all sorts of other malarkey. Read the message above, and work out the fact that most airbnb’so barely make ends meet doing all the ‘maid services’ ourselves. Good luck with it though!

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