Survey + Interview Request to learn more about hosts' view of Airbnb's review system


I am an undergraduate student from Northwestern University, and I am researching on Airbnb 's review system for summer undergraduate research grant program (more information about the research described below). Part of my study requires me to send out questionnaires and interview Airbnb users such as yourself so that I can learn more about their views on the review system in Airbnb. If you could spare some time and participate in this study, it would be hugely appreciated. If you are interested in seeing my results, please let me know in the debriefing page of this survey.

Thank you so much!


In this research study, participants will be asked to first complete a series of questionnaires about their views on Airbnb’s review system. The initial survey is expected to take up to 5 minutes to complete.

If participants choose to participate in a 45-60 minutes follow-up phone interview and they become randomly selected for an interview, participants will receive an additional $30 Amazon gift card, and will be entered into a raffle. The winner of the raffle will receive $150 Amazon gift card at the end of September. The chance of winning is greater than 1/24.

Eligibility/ Criteria for participation

  • you are 18 years of age or older and are capable of consent
  • you can read, write, and understand English
  • you currently live in the US (does not have to be citizenship/green card holder)
  • you are not a prisoner or a detained individual
  • you have not taken the pilot study

This research study (IRB #STU00207726 ) is to be conducted by Eunseo Dana Choi at Northwestern University. Please contact Dana Choi (at. with any questions.

Here is the link!