Survey for hosts social motives and trust

Hi everyone,

I am holding a survey for my bachelor thesis and I thought you guys here could help me out.

My thesis is about trust and social motives in the sharing economy, specifically why hosts at AirBnB decide to rent out their whole apartment or just a part of it.

The survey takes only 5 minutes and there are no requirements.

Of course, if requested I will post the results and my conclusion or send them directly to you.

Thank you and a nice evening!

PS: The survey itself is pre-built by my university and yes, I do know that it has a boring and outdated layout. Sorry for that! Also, it is anonymous.

Edit: The most important part, the survey link:
Thank you, don’t know how I forgot this.

I think you forgot to post the link to your survey :slight_smile:


No link? …that’s okay.

Edit: Aww, nuts!

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Interesting … I will be completing this survey.

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It’s all about the money. If hosts want free social interaction they can give away their space on

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It’s not in the survey (because I do not have access to it), but I am going to include financial motives in my thesis.

I still want to see if there is any social influence and if yes, by how much.

Thank you.

Some people may claim part of it is to interact with different cultures blah blah blah blah. But it comes down to money. If it didn’t, then we would all be listing for $1 just so travelers would book.


Well, the other part of the thesis is trust, as in, do you trust strangers with your apartment or would you like to be there just in case.

You’re right that money definitely is the main reason for hosting, but I believe there are people out there who also think they can make new friends while earning something. At least I, personally, would consider it, but I am also way more socially direct than the average guy.

Thank you for your input!

Sure, and I agree with that. But I believe the social interaction is secondary to the money earned. Now maybe some hosts will come forward and they only charge a guest their actual expenses.

As far as if I trust strangers with my apartment? Absolutely not. That’s why I have house rules, surveillance cameras, and I ask them questions before approving their booking. There are guests who think they can throw parties and weddings at your home because they booked it. I rent out a separate home and “trusting” strangers would be foolish.

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I don’t know - I went through the survey. I can’t explain how I feel about Airbnb on a scale of 0-10. I have been renting for six years. It is complicated. There is not enough nuance here. The questions are too broad, plus, I can tell the survey is too geared towards urban environments and apartments. Pass.

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As mentioned, I didn’t write any part of the survey, nor did I decide on any questions. It’s pre-built by my university/professor. I got a lot of criticism/feedback and it’s all justified and I will of course pass it on.

Thanks for your input and completing the survey. Have a nice day!

I love the last question. “have you been honest in this survey?”

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I believe the prevalent mentality is perhaps this:

I would like to make money > with a minimal of cost, meaning use an existing facility I already own > easy to book (Airbnb) > renting over all to pleasant people, except for the occasional lunatic > be happier because now I have more economic options in life.



I filled in your questionnaire. Could you please send me the results of your research? I am much interested in them.


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