Survey - art for sale in your homes

Hi all,

I am doing a survey for a school project. My team and I are working on the idea of connecting local artists to Airbnb guests. Local artists would display their work in Airbnb homes and the guests would have a chance to buy any piece on the spot.

We have a quick survey (5 questions) which would help us understand your perspective on this topic. Any feedback is welcome!

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To be honest, we get a lot of folks coming here looking for hosts to provide them with data for school/college/university courses, and of course folks with ideas for start ups and folks who already have businesses wanting us to provide, free of charge, our knowledge.

If you want a decent response, then offer to pay folks for their time, we’re not a benevolent data sharing, free for all, site. To many on here, time is money, so make it worth folks while to participate. Amazon vouchers are often well received.

I’ll fill out any amount of surveys for around €50 an hour, PM me for my PayPal address.


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Hi John, thank you for your feedback. We absolutely agree that time is money, and that’s why we designed a short survey. Our current average response time is around 1minute. We understand if people are not willing to share their perspectives.

Just to add one point, even though this is a school project, it would be a waste if the data is only shown to our professors and classmates. We want to make sure hosts’ opinions are heard so we already established a connection to a few Airbnb project managers. Hopefully, our data helps them improve Airbnb platform.

I don’t see how artists displaying their work for sale in Airbnb homes “improves the Airbnb platform”.

Airbnb has a great many basic things that need to be addressed to improve their platform before adding things that have nothing to do with the host/guest experience.


Aiming for add-on sales is fine in some businesses but not for many Airbnb hosts. Creating add-on sales is a tacky thing to do in many rentals. People who want to buy art have better places to go than their rental accommodation.

When I go to a restaurant, I expect to buy a meal, not have someone trying to sell me shoes. When I go looking to buy a house, I don’t expect someone to try selling me a motorcycle. So when I rent a place to stay, I don’t want someone trying to sell me ‘art’.

Some hosts, the ones who don’t mind up-selling to their guests, have already got contacts with local artists, I’m sure. It’s probably one of the first things they think about.

For your school project, it’s a good idea to bear in mind that many hosts are very concerned with the reviews that they receive from their guests. Therefore, it might be better for you to survey guests and find out what they would think about a property that was trying to up-sell.

A host is not improving the guest experience by pushing add-on sales with items in the property which are constantly saying ‘buy me, buy me’. If anything that decreases the guests’ good experience.

What exactly are Airbnb project managers? If you’ve spent any time reading the posts on this forum, you’ll see that some hosts have a very hard time getting satisfaction from Airbnb staff. So I’d really like to know how your school has been able to get in touch with managers. You’d be doing this forum a HUGE service if you can let us know how you achieved this. Thanks!


I fully agree. I would never do that. If a guest sees something in the rental they admire and ask where they might purchase something like that, a host can certainly let them know.

I would find it a real turnoff as a guest to find the host was trying to sell guests anything.


Maybe you could provide the contact information of these Airbnb project managers to pay them for filling out your survey?


Well, you’ll make 7 cents as it took only 5 seconds to complete.

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All sorts of issues here.
Will my insurance cover theft, loss, destruction of some one else’s property in my listing?
Do I want the responsibility of someone’s else’s stuff?
Do I want to get involved if they want it in pink and not yellow?
My listings are not a gallery, plenty of struggling businesses, without me adding another venue.

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Minimum time contracted is one hour.

If not, you wouldn’t believe howwwwww slowlyyyyyy I can typeeeeeee :wink:



There are some of us who have no problem doing short surveys for free. I guess it’s my background as a student and thinking of the times I had to do surveys but wasn’t given any budget with which to do it. In fact, I had to pay them for the privilege. At least none of my research was ever worthy of being stolen by my professor. :wink:

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Good point - and it probably won’t. In the UK (I don’t know about the law here in the US) goods which are supplied on a sale-or-return basis are usually accompanied by a legal document outlining the whys and wherefores.

However, many people are reluctant to lend their goods on a sale-or-return basis because although they might not be damaged during their holiday away from home, they probably won’t be as well looked after as the owner would like.

I can’t see the advantage to the local artist either as if they are any good they already have their outlets sorted out, often online.

And all hosts know that anything you add to your rental is yet another item you have to clean :slight_smile:


Seriously, it was the most innocuous ask and took seconds to complete…

as an artist family, we have original art all over the place in our airbnb apartment. there are no price tags, that would be crass, but if they want they can ask us about it. but nobody ever does. nobody’s stolen anything, either, but unless you bolt the frames to the wall in public spaces, artwork is liable to walk, so i wouldn’t be at all sanguine with offering to lose artwork for local artists this way.