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Surfer alert and third party booking. What should I do?


Hi everyone,

A lady with a 4,5 star rating (4,5 on everything) has just made a reservation. She has written quite a few nice lines about the following:

  • She not coming, it’s for her 14 and 17yo children (unclear boy or girl), because her mom fell ill so she’s sending the kids on their own to Peru (from Switserland).
  • The kids love to surf, they know are neighborhood already, they know where to eat and where to buy their surfboards.
  • She might also stay at our place later on if we have availability.


  • Third party booking.
  • Two teenagers.
  • Only 4,5 star guest.
  • We don’t have any space to clean and dry wetsuits.
  • We don’t have any space to store surfboards.
  • I hate the thought of having sand all over the place.
  • We’re not a surfhostal.
  • Their reviews don’t read too bad, apart from one host (close by) who mentions an undisclosed misunderstanding in the beginning that was solved.
  • One of the reviews only mentions that they stayed for 2 nights. Not a word extra.

What do I have to do? I’m still traumatized by the 4yo that I admitted. And I’m doubting, aka my instinct says to at least be wary.


I say no. …


You always give good advice. What would you say to someone asking you if you should accept this booking?


I’m afraid I’m only good at giving advice when I look at it from a distance :confounded:.

For the moment I have send a large message to the mom, telling her my worries. At the end of her message she had already mentioned that she was open to answering questions. I will see how much empathy she shows to my worries.

@konacoconutz When I read about the surfers, I immediately though of you and the tons of sand you used to find in your shower :sweat_smile:.


Logic says no way! But I have IB so I’d not have a choice. And I’ve always had wonderful teenage guests, I’d tell the mother that there’s no room for surfboards or facilities for wetsuit-drying and then leave it in the lap of the gods :slight_smile:

They are probably lovely kids.


who will leave their surfboards in the hallway and wet suits in the shared bathroom :slight_smile:


I know, I know…

But teenagers are usually great guests. I’m not convincing anyone here am I? :slight_smile:


Since it’s an admitted third party booking, I could call AirBnB to get it cancelled.

Can they leave them at the beach. I just hate it when my stress levels go up like this :roll_eyes:.


It wasn’t so much the sand as it was them rinsing their salty wetsuits and dive gear in my bathtub!

This sounds like trouble to me Gut. Don’t do it! :laughing::joy:


Do NOT get stressed. Even the worst case scenario is not worth getting stressed for.


It took me two days to get rid of all the sand our last guests left after they went to the beach around the corner! They were fine guests but sand can be persistent lol


Even without the surfing and wetsuit component, our rentals’ bathtubs are invariably filled with the best part of Fort Lauderdale Beach. So much for coastal living :slight_smile:


Amen! Next guests who go to the beach must hose off in our backyard. I offered it to the sandies but they said they had already rinsed off, NOT!



Although we’re on the coast, this is really NOT a beach destination. I didn’t even think about the possibility of one day having a guest going to the beach or going surfing.
Why on earth did I paint a yellow circle on the wall and called it the sunshine room? :roll_eyes: To have a hippie mom with hippie kids (Indian names referring to sunshine) wanting to come and surf. Life’s a bitch. :rofl::rofl::rofl: I really have to work on my bad character, so karma stops pursuing me. :joy:


Then they will be suitably chilled and amazingly laid back. :slight_smile:

I’ve loved this forum ever since I first found it and have received a load of valuable information such as how to remove mascara marks from pillowcases - but can ANYONE tell me how to reduce the sand infiltration???


I always think teenagers must hate my place as there is nothing to do but relax and enjoy the sea view and sunsets and read books which is not a very teenagery thing to do (my idea of paradise when I was a teen though). No shops or even a park to hang out in. I had one lady stay with her young daughter who wanted to come back at Xmas for a month with husband and teenage daughter from over 1500km away but the teen nixed it as the oldest girls who live here are only about 10 and then there is a 17yo boy which we agreed was probably not a good mix even though he is a lovely boy.


Two teens on their own in a rental in another country? Is this a joke?
This is what ABB is allowing?
Is there some punchline I am missing?..seriously?
NO -
no no no
What if “something” happens to one of them? “anything” at all ?
Is 14 the age of adult in Peru? or 17? Who is in charge in case of emergency?


No, you are not missing anything. The difference is that in a place like yours in America, It would be ridiculous to allow that same group with no vetting. I get it… You get it. But lots of people don’t get it.


Oh yes they are! Even when they belong to you! Yes yes, my daughter at 30 is still the most awesome guest! Good thing I love her!


You would have a choice with this; it’s a third party booking!

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