Support Airbnb Ignore me from October 26 to today!

Good afternoon, who else is ignored by the support of the Airbnb site?

I no longer respond to Twitter and have been on the site since October 26th.

As soon as there were difficulties with one booking, which was very controversial and there were obvious irregularities on the part of the guest and needed deep analysis of the problem. Support apparently couldn’t do anything better to figure out how to stop answering any questions at all.

Am I the only one?

I would suggest that you look for posts on this forum about Airbnb support. I personally write my message and then call and then if I don’t get is resolved, I asked to be escalated. When they tell me there is no management available I tell them I will wait. When I get a resolution, I wait until I get an email from the support person confirming what we spoke about before I hang up. Also, some entry level support people are better than others. Sometimes, it is worth calling again and getting someone new to work on it. There are a lot of inconsistencies with the quality of support staff.

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Hi @AlexGreen

It’s rather difficult to comment, as you haven’t said what issue you are experiencing with your guests and what support you are looking for, from customer services.

If you would like us to help can you tell us more about your situation?

@AlexGreen – the words of your post is a bit confusing. You had a problem with a booking a couple of days ago because of “obvious irregularities” and Air didn’t do anything? You went on Twitter to contact Air but did not call?

That’s it? Why didn’t you call? You then stay on the line and demand to speak to a supervisor when some underling didn’t give you a proper answer.

I see you’re from Indonesia. Air Customer Service via phone is from different parts of the world at different times of day. I’m pretty sure the same thing is true about Twitter (which I personally refuse to use).

Hi, here is a short story. I no called yet but opened 2 more Cases 2 days ago. Will call today

the guest received a special discount for 5 people. In August, the guest wanted to cancel the reservation but did not do so due to the cancellation fee. Then they changed the number of people from five to three. Three people arrived and the guest pretended that he did not know that it was 2 villas. Although he was booked for a long time and could clarify. Because the description has all the information. 65 photo villas. 22 photo the first. 20 second and the rest are plans and photos from the drone. The guest said I don’t need a second Villa, make a partial refund. I said it wasn’t my fault. Then the guest began to call friends to the Villa and the Villa ate and slept up to 8 people and then began to occupy the second Villa as well as sleeping 8 people could not in the Villa for 6 people. I turned a blind eye to that. But at the end of the guest said in support of the Villa is not side by side but opposite. And Airbnb decided that they would return some of the money to the guest. Just side by side is a General concept, as it may mean that the villas according to airbnb should be one area, then it is already 1 Villa and not two. Because every Villa has to be private. My villas are always rented for large companies and they are located on the same territory in the same Parking lot. I think the decision Airbnb is not correct and they do not take into account the fact that the fact that the Villa allegedly for a guest is not near the guest did not tell me this. The guest told me I didn’t need a second Villa and said he’d been tricked. That’s wrong, airbnb hasn’t responded to me in 4 days. They’re afraid to say something because they know I’m right.

I called for support, said that they would give it to another manager, and that they did not know why my manager was not responding to me for so long. Waiting for their answer and call the other day.

Did he paid for 3 but brought15 more? Is it the same price? Also not sure how your pricing but is it so affordable that he didn’t even realized he paid for 2 villas?

I’ve only ever called them twice (yes, in all this time) and found that the issues have been dealt with there and then.

The story is a bit too garbled to understand fully. However, once a host ‘turns a blind eye’ a precedent has been set.


The guest requested my villas and received a special price that was much lower because there were only 5 people in 2 villas. Then the guests became 3 people and ask me cancel free on 22 Aug, i refused it.In total 3 people came to the villas. But the goth called more friends and it became just 8 people that is not correct, I did not write in support of this issue because He opened the dispute after half of his stay and then Support also pulled me with an answer, as a result, the decision to reimburse the guest 30% was accepted Guests have lived in villas for 6 nights out of 8. And right away I began to write about the fact that there were more guests, but after answering about a 30% return. The support didn’t answer me anymore and put me on the same black list on Twitter, where I usually asked for help.

None of what was paid, how many people, how many villas you manage…none of that matters. Airbnb paid a partial refund to the guest and now the case is probably closed. They have a habit of telling you that’s it, this case is closed and then they quit responding to you.

You’ve previously posted that you manage 72 villas and you must have over 1000 reviews by now. Surely your time is money. If I were you I’d write it off as a loss and move on. The less you involve Airbnb in your massive business enterprise, the better. I’m a little surprised after your previous issue with them taking all your listings off line that you haven’t come to rely on your own website. I rented a villa in Costa Rica that I found on VRBO but the property manager also has his own website.

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Problem that it is incorrect from Airbnb side, because they closed case with words this is not Side by Side.
But I’m Russian and Russian language is my native, when I used google translate to write that villas stay together, the translation was “villas side by side”, that is small misunderstanding, other information in my listing is showing that it is a listing of 2 villas behind each other, even a doors in front each other.
But they continued to insist on their words and suck the solution out of their finger.

The problem is that Airbnb doesn’t care. You can spend hours writing them and us and explaining and posting screen shots. I hope the venting makes you feel better because there is a good chance that is all you are going to get.

We have a saying in English, “you can’t get blood out of a turnip.” That is the situation you are in. The guest complained to cover up their lies and Airbnb often takes the guest’s side.


They do not care and not responding is a tactic it is their business model and it really is bullshit the way they treat hosts. Good advice to all of us, get your own website… I have done that and I am investing in Google PPC ads to drive traffic. All that being said my next two, and my last booking all VRBO so Air is not the only game in town at least not for a whole house rental.


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I’m not saying that they are the only ones, I still have at least 12 partner websites, but this website still ranks 2nd after But until they change their commission so that it would be taken equally between us and the guest, it will be treated as dirt. While the guest pays a commission more than we will. commission commission we pay the owners and in 95% they are for us. But Airbnb will never get to this ( . It is only my vision