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Superhosts: Your Tools to Help You Stand Out


What tools do you use to help you stand out from the rest of the properties available?

What do you do that makes a huge and memorable experience for your visitors?


I think the #1 thing that helps me stand out from other guests is my communication. I use superhosttools.com to automate messaging and to make sure I stay on top of my messages. My guests don’t know the messages are automated and it makes them feel looked after and in turn gives me great reviews.


We are an Airbnb vacation rental software company and get to work with hosts on a daily basis. We believe that it can be very beneficial if hosts do invest in tools. In addition to getting vacation rental software (there are many options available on the market so hosts will be able to find one that meet their unique needs), the following tools come highly recommended: smart locks, home temperature automation units, motion sensors and Google Wi-Fi.


As a lone airbnb host, there’s a finite amount of time you can spend on your guests. Many Airbnb hosts use our service cohost.club to hire extra hand of help, i.e cohosts, to help them create magical experience for you guest. If you don’t need a cohost, you can still use a free tool to automate your message. Sign up to day and mention airhostsforum to receive a discount.

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