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Superhost status


So Airbnb said I am eligible to become a superhost after Oct 1 (even though I am new). The question is, if you became a superhost did you even notice if you had an increase in business?Wondering if it will really help get business or if people will just have greater expectations and hold you to a higher standard.


i suppose the whole costume thing depends on where you are bob. for instance new york city now has a law allowing women to go topless. or maybe hosts in france or several provinces in canada. i think the canadians should have the maple leaf on the front and the superhost decal on the back though. just my humble opinion…


Just wondering - is there a ‘super guest’ status and will there be a global conference so we can pay vast amounts to all be “super” together …?


Apparently there is a conference in France in September. I just got sent notice that I can fly myself there, pay lodgings, and on top of that just another €240 for being an amazing superhost - because for regular hosts you have to pay €260 :stuck_out_tongue:. I thought wow, what an awesome offer. For just a few thousand dollars all said and done, I can go and hear how to be a better host! The problem is, apparently I’m already a good enough host - it is the guests that I sometimes get that I wish I could have more help with.

It’s a very pertinent question you ask regarding the superguest idea rebeccaatk joking or no. Because despite being asked to rate our guests, hosts are never shown the ratings, so we never really have an idea if our guests are clean, courteous and respectful, because we all know that the review system is not working as it should because hosts are not comfortable publicly being honest about reviewing guests. It’s just not what a good host does, air dirty laundry and such. Oh just to be able to leave a rating on a number scale or a smiley face from very happy to mediocre to sad rating the experience - that guests didn’t get to see, but hosts could. It would give hosts the ability to choose if they don’t mind a bit of uncleanliness but won’t put up with incivility, or vice versa. We’re all very different. But I think airbnb doesn’t really want hosts informed about guests behavior, because we may accept less bookings, and therefore affect their bottom line. Otherwise they would have fixed this broken system by now.

As for the superhost thing, I’ve been one for years now, but I can’t truly say if there are any real rewards to it. I have put up with absolute idiocy from some agents, and great service from others. But the policies are ridiculous and not geared towards protecting hosts in many instances, and they don’t even pretend to care when you are screwed. I have been well looked after in an instance when a guest caused my ceiling to collapse. But good luck trying to cancel a guest that is giving you red flags in advance of their stay. YOU dear host will be punished for wanting to ensure a safe home for yourself and family if you have one. There is no instance where airbnb will let you cancel without penalizing you, even if the guest is lying, and acting in ways that are worrisome. These are things that come to light along the way. Superhost or no, it doesn’t matter. There are no special circumstances. It’s basically a little gold star.


I am not one now, nor will I ever be and I’ve been at this game five years. I don’t think it makes one bit of difference. I think people are looking at price, location, and reviews to make their booking decisions. I could care less whether I ever get a silly SH badge on my listing. Besides, I look terrible in a cape. :slight_smile:

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