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Superhost status a curse?


If anybody is interested , read this https://community.withairbnb.com/t5/Hosting/Formatting-listing-description-to-insert-a-new-paragraph-line/td-p/427667

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Not sure of that. In Britain, ‘Asian’ usually only means someone with ethnic links to the Indian subcontinent - because of the British Raj. Someone with ethnic links to China is more likely to be called East Asian.

In the US, ‘Asian’ usually means East Asian.


I’m an American. To me an Asian is someone who was born or who has ancestors who were born in a country that is located in the continent named Asia.


Yep. It pretty much always means that. Anyone with “links to China” is called Chinese in the UK basically, whether they’re from Malaysia, Singapore or elsewhere.


Not sure why you’re apologising for my perceived reading inability but… if you read your post again, maybe you can see how it comes across? So glad to hear you’re not racist!


Sorry, maybe I misunderstood. When you said you had only Asian bookings, I thought you were being unhappy. Then I thought maybe you wanted to have kangaroos and koalas book to stay in your place. So you aren’t racist, you just didn’t want humans.


I think you’re confusing Stuart with Tania? She was the one that originally said


This is the post I commented on.


@Magwitch - Wow, I really don’t understand how this all came about. I AM NOT RACIST! I just receive bookings from Malaysia, Singapore, KL, Indonesian etc now and little else from anywhere else via airbnb. It is what it is. I thought this was a forum looking to hear how other people where doing. I called it as it was for me. Sorry I mentioned the word Asian, should I be offended if someone called me caucasian. If there is a next time I will be very clear to list every nationality, rather than grouping it for fear of others misunderstanding. I don’t believe I said anything wrong and I have re-read my message. And for your information @Louise I wouldn’t be in this line of business if I were racist.


You’ve made me laugh once again, hahahahahahaha


I was killing it in bookings and reviews before I got my super host status, then my rate of bookings dropped and I was getting more “inquiries” than I was booking requests, from people who wouldn’t respond back or book. I lost my uppermost status after one instant booking that I couldn’t accommodate and had to cancel. Now things are back to normal and better. If I recieve it again, I might try and find a way to say “No thanks”


Guests don’t read everything. Airbnb has tried to make rules be read and had done a great job.

If it’s been written they have no valid complaint.


Are you sure? IB Cancellation need not lead to a penalty.



Your opening post was far too long. That’s why I and probably most on here didn’t read through it. You would have been better paraphrasing rather than cutting and pasting a whole section of your book.

I don’t agree that it is appropriate to ask guests for five star reviews. It’s not about being shy - it’s about thinking it’s not right.

I don’t have any secrets to share. I just do the same as the thousands of other superhosts out there.


This is my favourite Airbnb description: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/7845599?


Listing no longer available… Can you screenshot? :smiley:


Oh what a shame, he must not be listing it anymore. I googled it because the name was so easy to remember : Ugliest Dump In The World


At least there’s an article about it



I would actually stay in this place just for sheer entertainment.


Yes, once I read that, all the descriptions of other places in SF sounded so bland that I ended up choosing that one.

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