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Superhost status a curse?


You actually stayed there or your trip is upcoming?


I stayed there last year.


Lucky. Apparently it’s no longer available.


So, how was it? Do tell.

And I wish I had the nerve to write a listing like that.


We loved it because it was so quirky, the most memorable of our trip, apart from the houseboat in Seattle. There were a few problems with the place because it was old but he made up for it by stocking the fridge FULL of snacks, and so of course you give him 5 stars because he really made an effort to make it fun and comfortable.


@faheem, I understand the IB moving your listing up in rank, but can you explain how/why cancellation policies affect visibility?


That’s easy. Airbnb likes cancellation policies that are as flexible as possible. Because that is good for guests (or at least Airbnb thinks so), and the guests are Airbnb’s customers. As a rule of thumb, Airbnb doesn’t care about host finances. In their view, we are a resource to be exploited.


@corvidae your ads are cute/clever and really well done. I did notice that Airbnb removed something…wonder what it was this time:
“★HI SPEED WI-FI: Available throughout the house. You wouldn’t believe how fast dragons can (Hidden by Airbnb) .”


Ahhhh…That makes sense. I’m “moderate” for now. So far doesn’t seem to me hurting me but definitely good to know and keep in mind!


So am I. I think most people are, though some more established (and popular?) people use Strict, I think. Flexible is definitely bending over way too far. And yes, the imagery was intentional…


I’ve been using flexible a long time, at least 3 years without problems. Yes sometimes I’m annoyed by a cancellation but I usually get a replacement booking or I enjoy a night off. This is keeping in mind that I have an unusual situation compared to most hosts here.


Ha ha, I gotcha! Sometimes you need the imagery to make a point!


Hi Folks, I have superhost status, and I have put a lot of work and investment in my place. I also seek out other superhost properties, and highly rated properties. But, I stayed at one lately that really surprised me that it had 5 stars. There were many light bulbs needing to be replaced, the martresses were a bit old and in need of replacement, the beds were just generally dusty feeling, there were tacks sticking up in the carpet which cut my son’s foot (I guess from a carpet repair), there were very basic supplies in the kitchen, and blinds were bent and unattractive. There were good tv amenities, nicely remodeled kitchen and bath, and living room furniture was nice. How do places like this expect to maintain top reviews?


Steven, that’s a very good observation. The fault lies, in my opinion, with the review system. So many guests (and even hosts) don’t understand the way it works and give great reviews for various, erroneous, reasons. The review system isn’t perfect mostly because people don’t understand it. If they did, then life would be a lot easier for hosts and guests.


They are going to be making it harder to achieve superhost status, listings like the one you describe might be why.


I haven’t left my review yet, but I am sure the host will be upset with me, being the first 4 star review he has had in a while. Actually, I want to give it 3, but I am feeling bad! All I know is my home has tons more investment than this home, yet we are at the same level. That doesn’t sit well with me.


In the coming assessments, they won’t. The whole super ho thing is being tightened up and the goal posts moved… after July 14 I predict a whole stack of posts on the loss of the badge.

“And if one more non host tells me what I am doing must be easy money I WILL bitch slap them … after all it is just a swish in the bathroom and changing sheets! :rage:


On paper, and pictures, this one looks great. All reviews are stellar. I don’t know what else they will do. Actually, the host is pretty good at policing his reviews. He requested through private message that any negative feedback gets sent to him directly. He says he is constantly trying to improve to give a 5 star experience. In actuality, he is trying to get good reviews without making the investment.


You should review in the way you feel it right.

I’m not sure what this means. All airbnbs are different. The difference between yours and his is no way to review or judge. No one likes hosting a fellow host that makes them feel like they should host in the same fashion they do.


There are people who in effect try to manipulate or game the system. But leave the review you feel is honest. I just got a 4 star overall review because the CO detector went off during the night and the window AC vibrates. Oh well. Overall I have 98% 5 star so I’m not going to freak out. I’ll replace the CO detector and tell guests how to deal with the vibrating AC if it bothers them.

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